Artificial Green Walls

TreeLocate’s green walls are brilliantly lifelike & completely customisable

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, interior gardens maximising space by planting vertically are becoming popular in public and private buildings. However, for many projects, the installation cost of feeding and irrigation systems, as well as replanting and maintenance, creates a prohibitive project cost. This has led to TreeLocate’s artificial flowers, foliage, and plants becoming the solution of choice with many designers and interior landscapers.  Artificial planting requires no irrigation or drainage, nor feeding and replanting, and routinely requires less space outwards from the mounting wall, which saves expensive interior floor space.

Normally mounted onto lightweight steel frames, in easily handled and transported panels and sections, TreeLocate’s artificial green walls systems are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions and shapes needed for your project. “Planting” is carried out to your specification giving you the exact mix of colours and shapes your design calls for.  The finished panels are then fitted into place as easily as hanging a large picture frame using the pre-drilled mounting plates.  This ease of installation, is echoed in removal and, allows for rapid changes of planting with the seasons – not just seasonal artificial foliage, but also floral varieties can be rotated seasonally with careful selection from our artificial flowers ranges.

In addition to the traditional vertical mounting on walls, a major benefit of our green-wall panels is that they can be mounted at any angle – providing ceiling and “roof” canopies that give a unique atmosphere to areas under the foliage … for example an overhead vineyard canopy of flame retardant vines with fruit bunches, in a wine bar or restaurant.  Alternatively they can be built as free-standing screens and space-dividers, or even as “indoor hedgerows” to line and border walkways in large open spaces. The style and usage for them is virtually unlimited.


Many of our Green Wall materials are fire retardant and UV resistant

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We will supply for any scale of project, large or small and you will not be disappointed with the level of service or quality of product – GUARANTEED