Bespoke artificial trees by Treelocate are hand built and always have an ultra realistic finish

Tell us your specifications and our experienced team will design and create what you’re looking for. We give expert advice on materials, shapes, foliage and canopy proportions so you get natural long-lasting trees that suit your needs.

We offer fabricated and real trunk trees, both for different uses but both looking fantastic.

Our fabricated trunks offer you complete control over how your tree will look. Big or small we can manufacture it for you from scratch. If you want more twists, gnarls or even a more theatrical appearance fabricated trunks are perfect

A strong steel skeleton ensures support and allows us to add special materials that can be carved and refined into the desired shape. The carving is then “barked” with a tough, near indestructible coating that’s carefully and skilfully colour matched to the real thing. This is the beginning of a museum grade tree.

Our real trunks come from sustainably sourced forests.  They’ve been grown by nature and offer unique features that only nature can produce. All our trunks are kiln dried to ensure the timber is preserved and bug free. We end up with the most natural looking trunk possible that will look its best for life.

On top of our trunks we use clever techniques that fix and colour match preserved wood to form the branch structure. Natural spacing and shaping produce a brilliantly lifelike appearance that once foliated are difficult to fault.

Bespoke Artificial Trees