Hanging Baskets

Our fantastic selection of premium artificial hanging baskets are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. With brilliantly vivid colours, delicate flowers and lush green foliage, our baskets have long been a favourite with customers around the world.

Off-the-shelf options guarantee quick dispatch times even in large order quantities. Our range of baskets can be specified with  UVsilx, colour fast foliage & FireSilx Inherently Fire resistant foliage, so you can enjoy our beautiful baskets with complete peace of mind in any climate or location.

TreeLocate’s dedicated team manufacture all hanging baskets in the UK, guaranteeing  excellent quality and high attention to detail at every stage of manufacture. View our popular hanging basket range in the 2017 arrangement catalogue.

Artificial hanging baskets for every occasion & all seasons

fake hanging baskets
artificial flowering hanging baskets

We will supply for any scale of project, large or small and you will not be disappointed with the level of service or quality of product – GUARANTEED

Bespoke hanging baskets manufactured how you want them

Our impressive selection of artificial plants and foliage allow endless possibilities. Following your design specifications we can manufacture bespoke hanging baskets and matching floor planter sets

Mixed artificial Morning Glory