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Polystyrene Shapes Custom Made For All Occasions

Polystyrene Formula 1 car cut to shape

Custom Made Polystyrene Shapes One of the most versatile ornamental options available on the market today is that of custom polystyrene shapes. You will be sure to see these decorations on the high street in shop windows every Christmas as a nativity scene or Santa and his sleigh delivering presents sprinkled with decorative snow. They […]

Treelocate New Format Catalogues Released – 2017

treelocate catalogue downloads

Treelocate has just released our 2017 catalogues. These come as two separate formats. Our main catalogue displays all our standard stock items from faux single stem flowers, planters, trees to large artificial palms and many more floral items. The Arrangements catalogue shows all our pre planted products available for immediate sale. No arranging or planting […]

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Artificial Ficus Tree Installation – Our Stunning White Fake Tree Installed

artificial ficus tree manufacturer

Finally in place is our latest project – a huge artificial Ficus tree The ANZ Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand has recently become home to a striking white artificial Ficus tree courtesy of the skillful team of artists and designers here at Treelocate. The brand new four storey ANZ Centre is located in central Christchurch […]

Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees – Our Guide To Choosing Fake

Artificial Hanging Baskets

Artificial plants, flowers and trees make your living space look more vibrant and alive, especially during the darker, colder months of the year. But who has the time to maintain the upkeep of these plants, flowers, or trees? The only thing worse than a lack of plants around the home or office, is dead plants around […]

Product Focus – Manzanita Branches with a Christmas theme

Manzanita Branch Christmas Tree

Manzanita branches can provide something different for in-store décor or resale this Christmas. Well known for their unique form and durability, the preserved branches from the west coast of the USA have been popular for both wedding wish trees and more general décor for a long time.  Now, with their availability in pre-painted form also […]

Product Focus – Christmas Arrangements and Décor Trees

Just released from TreeLocate’s Product Development department are a new collection of floral and plant Christmas Arrangements and Décor Trees. Using a blend of traditional seasonal colours and foliage, this range is targeted at refilling the gaps that garden centres and retailers develop on shelves during the peak Christmas shopping season.

Product Focus – Natural Décor Arrangements

TreeLocate are launching a new range this autumn; the ND or Natural Décor arrangements. These smaller pieces combine a mix of artificial flowers, herbs, and topiary shrubs, in traditional and rustic planters, to create attractive ornamental arrangements. They are perfect for home kitchens, café décor, or workplace canteens and dining rooms.  Additionally, some of the […]

Product Focus – Driftwood Decorations and Gifts

Christmas Driftwood Decorations

One of TreeLocate’s lesser-known product ranges is the collection of natural driftwood décor items and gift-ware. Combining stylish simplicity with rustic charm and some basic theme groups, the driftwood collection has something for every home or office. Whether you are looking for Christmas or Hanukkah votive candle holders, a feature piece for a bare shelf, […]

Product Focus – Polystyrene Decorations & Point-of-Sale

Last minute Christmas shopping happens to us all, including to many businesses. Luckily, TreeLocate can provide your festive messaging with a range of Christmas cut-out shapes and decorations.   They are available in large and small sizes for decorating your shop floor or windows, showroom, reception, mall or anywhere that customers and the public could see […]