At TreeLocate we have created three brand names for our artificial plants, grasses, and foliage that are synonymous with quality, durability, and beauty.  Please follow the links below to discover more about each of our brands.


FireSilx inherently fire retardant artificial foliage

FireSilx inherently fire retardant artificial foliage

Inherently fire retardant artificial foliage for increased safety and peace of mind, without sacrificing appearance.

Firesilx™ is Inherently Fire Retardant foliage for artificial plants, by TreeLocate.

Firesilx™ is an exclusive range of Inherently Fire Retardant products. These products have been tested by numerous fire departments worldwide and we also have our own British Safety certificates (BS 5852).

FireSilx inherently fire retardant foliage 10 seconds after continuous contact with a flameWith Firesilx™ fire resistant foliage you get consistent cover, even on PVC parts, this is because it is part of the manufacturing process.  The fire retardancy is built into the materials, not coated on top of them.

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UVSilx foliage treated with a UV inhibitor to ensure colour fastness

UVSilx foliage treated with a UV inhibitor to ensure colour fastness

Artificial foliage treated with a UV inhibitor to ensure colours stay vivid and realistic.

An exciting development from TreeLocate, your premier supplier for artificial plants, artificial trees, faux palms, artificial flowers, and fruits.

Our UVSilx™ range of artificial plant products have been treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor, which will keep your product colour-fast in the most extreme, hot and sunny climates. They are available from stock or by special order.

Bespoke Ficus Trees with natural wood stems and UVSilx artificial foiliage, in four varietiesUVSilx™ has been incorporated throughout our spectacular range of topiary hedging, hanging baskets, and exterior plants and palms. Suitable for backdrops, borders and feature situating as specimens.

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PROGRASS artificial turf for indoor and outdoor applications form a lawn on your veranda to a full professional sports field.

A selection of durable and realistic, artificial grasses developed for a range of applications.

ProGrass™ is a new brand type of artificial grass and replica lawn. Available in four grades, each with its own special application.

These hard wearing artificial grasses, initially designed for sporting uses, are increasingly being used in leisure areas, whether it be a roof garden or a lawn.

ProGrass artificial turf is not just for professional sports and businesses, it has applications at home too.Incredibly flexible, ProGrass™ artificial lawn products are very easy to use and install, giving years of use even in the most demanding of situations.

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