UV Proof Foliage

UV Resistant Foliage UVSILX

UVSILX foliage is an exciting development from TreeLocate

These plants are treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to ensure colours stay bright under harsh lighting conditions.

This range is one of our best selling and most requested products. We have put years of experience into developing the best product available. We guarantee you will be happy with the colour-fast foliage.

Our UVSilx UV resistant foliage formula will keep your product colour-fast in more extreme, hot and sunny climates. It performs well under artificial UV light in offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres etc.. Products made with this treatment are available from stock or by special order.

UVsilx has been incorporated throughout our range of artificial plants. We have incorporated it into our topiary hedging, hanging baskets, flowers, trees, and exterior plants and palms. They look great in any location, and you have the added benefit of knowing they will stay looking great.

Some UVsilx examples are shown above and below, and you can see a far more extensive range in our catalogue, which is available in pdf format on our download page.

There are of course situations that don’t require such protection to the plant foliage, but when it does, our UV inhibitor is quite simply the best available.

Ultraviolet resistant foliage from TreeLocate
Inherently Ultraviolet (UV) resistant foliage from TreeLocate
Inherently Ultraviolet (UV) resistant foliage supplied by TreeLocate

Some photos from a major UVSilx rooftop garden project in Paris, during and after installation

TreeLocate installing UVSilx boxwwod hedging and ivy trails as part of a major rooftop project in Paris
UVSilx hedges
UVSilx Giant Bamboo privacy screening installed on a Paris rooftop by TreeLocate
UVSilx product installation
plastic ivy uvsilx