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Bespoke Production Manager

TreeLocate manufacture and supply artificial trees, plants and foliage to customers from different industries all over the world. Since the company was established over 27 years ago, we have become known for our top-quality products, customer satisfaction and attention to detail in everything we do!

In addition to importing products from our factories, we manufacture bespoke artificial trees from our base in Belford, Northumberland. We have all the tools and technical know-how in house to custom make all species of trees to any specification. From budget led trees to giant museum grade replicas, our hand-built creations can be found all over the world in a variety of different venues.

We are looking for an experienced leader to join our talented bespoke team who will be appointed as the Bespoke Production Manager. You will work in tandem with the Bespoke Design team to bring new and efficient processes and scheduling techniques into our expanding business, streamlining all Bespoke processes from the early quoting stages, through to finished installations.

The role of the bespoke production manager
• Responsible for the TreeBuild team, ensuring the completion of manufactured bespoke products in line with design sign off and customer expectations.

• Working with the bespoke designers to learn and understand projects, communicating the production to the Tree Build team, ensuring all details are accounted for.

• Daily monitoring of projects, supporting the TreeBuild team to adapt and overcome any issues. Reviewing projects on completion with the whole team, celebrating success and identifying any lessons learnt.

• Liaising with the bespoke team on future projects to pre-plan materials needed. Plan realistic work scheduling to contribute to project scheduling, ensuring deadlines are met.

• Stock management of all materials for day to day running, as well as specialised components required for one-off projects.

• Overseeing TreeBuild equipment, ensuring specialised machines and tools are in good working order and well maintained. Also ensuring staff have appropriate PPE for use of all equipment.

• Contribute to Research and development of techniques and processes to make manufacturing more streamlined, helping to develop a working standard that can be passed onto both existing and new staff.

• Review materials, bought-in components, and processes with the aim to improve our supply chain and manufacturing techniques.

Required skills and experience
• Proven leadership and team management skills to motivate employees to adopt changes in processes.
• Delegation skills and being able to Lead by example, getting involved in the working processes of the Tree Build area.
• Excellent planning, timekeeping, and organisational skills, including the ability to create, manage and meet deadlines.
• A problem-solver who can adapt to changing situations.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Proficient in using Microsoft office to accomplish tasks related to the job
• Interest and experience in Health and Safety

Please attach your CV to email when applying