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We supply Dubai with the very best replica trees, faux flowers and premium artificial foliage from our warehouse and factory in the Dubai Investment Park 2

Bespoke artificial Trees

Custom artificial Green Wall

Artificial Flowers & Foliage

Bespoke Hedging

We are based in Dubai and our friendly team are happy to quote for any project, big or small

A little bit about us

TreeLocate manufacture and supply high-grade artificial trees, flowers and foliage and have been leaders in the market for over 25 years. Our impressive product offering has everything from custom replica olive trees to small tabletop orchids. Over the years we have worked on some incredible projects all over Dubai. From artificial living walls in DXB Dubai international airport to large faux ficus trees in restaurants along Jumeirah Walk.

Why Artificial?

Artificial products offer year-round beauty, outstanding indoor spectacles and eye-catching displays with absolutely no maintenance costs or horticulture skills. This means you can enjoy all the beauty but focus your valuable time and attention elsewhere. Water costs in Dubai can quickly amount to a small fortune. You need an incredible amount of water to keep real trees, flowers and foliage lush and healthy, but our life-like replicas don’t need any. With Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle and the city continually changing our artificial products are perfect for swapping in and out as fashion, locations and seasons change. 

hand crafted custom faux trees

Bespoke trees, green wall, hedges, palms and more

Impress your guests, customers and business partners with unique custom made replica faux trees, lifelike artificial green wall and UV stable hedging. Our bespoke products are all made in our Dubai factory, each had finished and detailed by our talented tree build team. We work to your specification making your visions a reality. Our bespoke handmade trees are on display all over Dubai from the newly expanded Dubai Fashion Avenue mall to luxury apartments around the city. Contact us to discuss how we can make your business stand out without premium custom-made products.

UV Colourfast Foliage

Dubai’s glorious sunshine could pose as a threat to some artificial plants and foliage, making them fade and discolour with the strong UV rays. Our UVSIlx fade resistant foliage stays true to colour in even the sunniest of climates. Decorate outside with UVSilx artificial foliage, hedging, trees, and topiary to give your business stunning curb appeal, in turn, attracting customers and guests into your building. UVSilx products have been tested to ISO 489-3 and ASTM G154-12a.

FireSilx – fire retardant foliage

FireSilx is the number one fire retardant foliage in Dubai. Our inherently FR products keep your guest, customers and business safe. FireSilx products are manufactured with fire-resistant materials and chemicals making them 100% fire resistant right down to the core. The foliage has been rigorously tested to ensure they meet different fire-safety standards around the world, including the German building standard DIN 4102 B1. An impressive collection of official worldwide FR certificates are all available on request. 

We will supply for any scale of project, large or small and you will not be disappointed with the level of service and quality of product – GUARANTEED

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