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Artificial Topiary – Custom Made Shapes For Any Project

Our dedicated and ambitious artificial topiary team at Treelocate have many decades of experience between them and have consistently produced nothing short of outstanding work. With painstaking attention to detail paid throughout every aspect of the creation process, customer satisfaction is a given. If you are searching for the most accurate, eye-catching and awe-inspiring topiary representation of your chosen design then you need look no further.

From prim and practical Buxus hedging to behemoth artificial olive trees that tower regally over those underneath, Treelocate will provide you with a top tier experience as we accommodate your needs with professionalism and resolve. The astonishingly diverse range of bespoke topiary that we have produced is a testament to the idea that your imagination truly is the only limitation.

Past projects include custom built full-size topiary mannequins, attention-grabbing lettering, duelling reindeer, quirky furniture, wild shapes and everything in between. Along with creating any custom base from treated polystyrene, we are also capable of mounting Buxus topiary onto other surfaces that you might find ideal including wood, clay and lead. Buxus topiary looks just right in a huge array of environments whether you want a neat and tidy potted design or a beautifully grand centrepiece sure to steal the attention of everybody in the vicinity. Let us not forget our very popular and stunningly pretty Green Walls – blending a range of vibrant colour and shapes it is easy to understand why these captivating low maintenance pieces are sought after.

Polystyrene Shapes in All Sizes For Artificial Topiary Gardens

As we’re sure you can tell from the sheer eclecticism of our past projects, we are not ones to shy away from a challenge when one is presented to us. One of the more audacious models to emerge from the bespoke topiary team in recent months is an incredible 1:1 scale Formula 1 car destined to be a great cause of envy in Abu Dhabi.

The skill, passion and masterful vision required to plan and execute a project of this complexity cannot be overstated. When admiring the finished model as it rests effortlessly in all its majesty, it is easy to forget that underneath its sleek exterior is a base of carefully crafted polystyrene and ingenuity.

Using a hot wire cutter guided by Foama software it’s possible for the polystyrene shapes base to be carved with unwavering flexibility and accuracy to ensure that the finished product will be one that both reflects the desired aesthetics and captures the character of the design. Once the model has been carved, it’s coated in Polyurea which hardens it. This process can be repeated as many times as is necessary so that the sculpture is durable enough for its purpose and environment. At this point, the Buxus topiary is delicately added and styled to complete the look.

UV Resistant Buxus Leaves

As well as the style and the design of any given Buxus topiary model, we take great care in protecting its integrity. A common problem with topiary is the fading of colour. If the topiary model is displayed outside, the sunlight is likely to damage it over time. This is not a problem for any topiary sculpture that emanates from Treelocate as all of our Buxus topiary designs are treated with UV resistant, light protection to completely prevent the colour from fading. This is of vital importance if the sculpture is to reside in a hot country.

Some of our sculptures have spent many years displayed under direct sunlight in some of the hottest countries in the world where temperatures regularly reach 50 degrees Celsius without suffering any loss in quality. This of course is likely to be the case with the aforementioned Formula 1 car in the United Arab Emirates. The sculpture will see out its life in the public eye enjoyed by all fortunate enough to see it.

It’s final resting place, the world-renowned Yas Marina Circuit – an appropriately grand venue.

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