custom made polystyrene shapes

Custom Made Polystyrene Shapes

One of the most versatile ornamental options available on the market today is that of custom polystyrene shapes. You will be sure to see these decorations on the high street in shop windows every Christmas as a nativity scene or Santa and his sleigh delivering presents sprinkled with decorative snow. They also make perfect indoor features as either the main focus of a room or something to compliment a space. Durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance are just a few good reasons to have your own bespoke polystyrene cutouts created.

Arguably the most decisive factor in a custom styrofoam piece is simply how well sculpted it is. This is where artists and technology meet to perform a ballet of creation and give us the most realistic and pleasing results possible. Gone are the days when sculptures had to be created purely by the fallible human hand. Thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines working in concert with the incredible creative finesse of our artists, we are able to produce intricate designs with a stunning accuracy.

CNC machines have been used since the 1940s and simply put, their purpose is to perform a task using physical tools with the speed, certainty and predictability that only a machine can deliver. Pre-programmed commands instruct the machine which actions to carry out and the order and manner in which these actions should take place. CNC has been put to work in countless areas over the years from circuit boards to vehicles and as the software has improved so have the results.

To utilise this method, a CAD file is created and a code for the design generated. This is the set of instructions that the machine will carry out. We can manufacture designs from CAD files that you already have or if you don’t already have a design our team will work with you to produce one that best fits your purpose. A further benefit of the use of CNC machines is that when a batch of a particular design is ordered, you can be sure that the final products will be shaped identically. These custom foam shapes can be produced very quickly and are an inexpensive yet exciting way to give life to a space.

One of the most popular uses for this type of product is polystyrene balls and lettering. Big and small, bright or subtle, you can find examples of custom shapes all over the world. Children’s names hanging above the mantelpiece, eye-catching 3D advertisements outside of businesses, from MTV to TED Talks custom polystyrene work is unavoidable.

All of the custom styrofoam work that we produce is available in our FIRESILX fire resistant coating which meets the British Building Standards requirements which are often a necessity if the design is going to be placed in a public space. We also offer various coatings to maintain the integrity of the polystyrene and to combat the weather if it is located outdoors.

Polystyrene Formula 1 car cut to shape

Incredibly Detailed Styrofoam Shapes

There have been some very creative projects from around the globe using the custom CNC polystyrene method. These include scale model buildings and cities, enormous realistic animals, brutal ancient Samurai warriors and one of our very own, a polystyrene scale model of a Formula 1 racing car which is currently at the Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit in Abu-Dhabi.

Perhaps the most visible industry to use custom foam shaped products is the Film and Television industry. Polystyrene set designs can often be found on stage and on the big screen. Its light-weight quality and the ease in which any shape can be replicated makes polystyrene the perfect candidate for props and sets. From statues in The Lord of The Rings and rocks in Indiana Jones, to entire sets in Harry Potter and The Matrix, custom styrofoam has earned itself a place in the repertoire of every set designer.