A sophisticated bar serving cocktails with a nostalgic jazz ambiance, accompanied by breathtaking ocean views.

The Brief

The client required a showstopping centrepiece olive tree that was both beautiful and would compliment the surrounding interior design. The tree would be located in the middle of a high-end seating area, creating an “Instagrammable” setting and promoting social media sharing. Guests could unwind and socialize with friends, family, and associates while enjoying a drink or two. Since the tree would serve as the space’s focal point, the canopy and height needed to be big enough to ensure it created a grand statement.

Our Solution

After considering all our customer’s requests, we settled on a finished height of 5m and a canopy width of 5m wide. We knew we had to preserve the luxurious setting of Bar Buci, so we sourced a unique olive trunk with a gnarled, natural look from our collection that would fit the space while still supporting a sizable canopy of foliage, steel, and natural branches. With safety in mind, as this is a commercial setting, we used FireSilx FR olive foliage. FireSilx Foliage provides a built-in fire-retardant barrier and self-extinguishes any flames that touch it if a fire breaks out.

As mentioned, this is a commercial setting, and customers were to walk under, sit under and interact with the tree, so we set a clearance height of 1.8m to ensure that the canopy wouldn’t pose any risks or interference with guests standing beneath it.

The Outcome

The tree was hand built by our talented team in our Dubai TreeBuild factory. This is a complete build, as if it was in its final location. We do this to check the tree over during our final sign-off walk round to ensure it looks the best it can be from all viewing angles. Any alterations needed, no matter how small, are made at this point. We sent sign-off images to our customer once we were confident everything looked correct and the tree was built to spec, which they approved.

Careful planning, designing, and liaising with other contractors on site ensured the installation of this tree went smoothly. Like always, this tree‘s canopy was hand dressed on site, creating a lifelike natural growth appearance in the artificial canopy. In addition, small details are hand finished adding to the overall realism of our museum-grade replicas.

Now finished and installed, the tree compliments the space around it, adding to the ambience of the design and highlighting the luxurious details of Bar Buci. We are confident that the tree provides a talking point and aids in creating a memorable experience for all customers who sit beneath it or see it.