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Palm Tree Installation

Palm trees are one of nature’s most beautiful designs. With their magnificent display of draping, green leaves, and sturdy trunk, it’s no wonder that so many people aim to replicate their awe-inspiring appearance. For thousands of years, the palm has held a heavy historical significance, from palm leaves being used to fan monarchs and royals to dozens of mentions in the Bible and the Quran.

These days, the palm tree holds a more secular place in society. Its quintessentially tropical feel has people all over the world displaying palms with pride in public buildings, museums, hotels, event spaces, and even leisure facilities.

Why are artificial palm trees so popular?

The UK is not the ideal place for raising tropical plants, which makes growing and maintaining palm trees no easy feat. Artificial palms provide all the impressive look and feel of natural plants, without the challenge of maintaining their health. You can also enjoy beautiful palm trees indoors for years to come with zero maintenance cost.

When designed and manufactured to the high quality you can expect from our team, artificial palm trees have the same majestic appeal as any you’d find in a genuine tropical setting. Their dramatic impact is only heightened by the realisation that they’re not actually real palm trees, but impeccably made replicas.

What can you expect from our palms?

We offer custom replica palms, hand-built in the UK, available in any style and with no height restrictions. Whether you’re looking to wow guests with a leafy banana palm or create impact with an iconic Washingtonia palm, we’re guaranteed to create a show-stopping product with an impressively realistic effect.

Made with strong steel cores and stable, heavy baseplates, our artificial palms ensure beautiful, safe structures that are built to last. Our bespoke trees are available as fire-retardant options and come with a choice of either artificial or preserved fronds.

preserved palm tree fronds

Why should you choose preserved fronds?

A preserved frond is our recommended choice for interior palm trees. We take genuine, original palm fronds and carefully preserve them to protect their beauty and natural appearance. The end result is an undeniably realistic palm tree that delivers the allure of nature to an interior.

How do you know we’re the best?

With 25 years under our belts, we know fake palm trees better than any manufacturer in the UK. It’s not all about the look, but the feel, the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every tree we make.

We know that outstanding quality means a long-lasting product that never loses its effect, which is why we carefully select the materials we work with and offer UV resistant foliages colourfast stabiliser for an everlasting colour, even with regular exposure to the sun.

Our bespoke service is highly rated by all of our clients and, thanks to our expert design team, there are no restrictions on size or style, so it’s easy to find the precise look you envision. We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with what we can do for you.

Find out more about our bespoke artificial and preserved palm trees or get a quote for your requirements today.

Artificial Plants and Trees IndoorsNot unlike the natural world, artificial foliage comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can find it in the form of exquisite, life-sized olive trees in the finest of hotels and palaces, to simple and effective potted plants neatly lining office space. We encounter artificial foliage each and every day and the world is brighter for it.

Craftmanship of Artificial Foliage

Replicating something that nature does so effortlessly is no mean feat as plants and trees are complex structures perfectly designed to carry out their purpose. It takes patience, planning and raw skill to create and when it’s done correctly, it is indistinguishable from the real thing. A true likeness of the source flora is often the target when designing artificial foliage and to achieve this, it takes a long time, genuine artistic vision and a delicate hand.

The Complexity of Artificial GreeneryA gentle and artful touch is a requirement when assembling artificial plant wall panels, for example. This is not a craft undertaken by machines but by creative human beings who understand what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing end-product. Arranging foliage piece by piece so that it fits naturally within its context is something that takes practice and a lot of time. This process of assembling the whole piece by hand really allows for amazing customisation. Incredible green walls, for example, with vibrant complexions utilising colours meaningful to a particular business or individual, can act as an extension of an entity’s ethos or style.

Benefits of Artificial Trees & Plants

One of the most useful characteristics of artificial greenery is the ability to personalise it precisely to a specific taste or need. One may have the desire to brighten up the entrance of an office or work space with a colourful selection of hanging baskets. Perhaps a series of large, realistic trees with dense canopies to obscure the ceiling of a restaurant giving a natural and unique dining experience. Of course, striking, unnatural colour palettes can have their place as well.

Undoubtedly, using artificial foliage in place of living foliage has its benefits, obviating the need for watering and trimming which is essential and time-consuming maintenance for living foliage. When it’s not practical to employ the use of live plants and trees in your space for the aforementioned reasons or any other, you may find that artificial foliage is what you have been searching for.

The Practical Use of Fake Plants

Endless Possibilities on Artificial BotanyProducts that utilise artificial foliage are particularly suitable when faced with extreme weather conditions. Locations that endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, will benefit from the use of non-living greenery. Many beautiful species of trees and plants would be simply unable to survive the punishing sunshine and heat of Middle Eastern summers or the wicked chill of northern Norwegian winters. One can rest assured that artificial botany is the answer when seeking beauty under these circumstances.

Where an item of artificial foliage is going to be subjected to harsh sunlight, it would be wise to use foliage with dedicated UV protection. This is a chemical compound especially designed to combat the colour fading associated with artificial foliage that has experienced heavy exposure to strong sunlight. Treelocate can provide this feature with its very own UVSILX protection which is sure to preserve the integrity of the foliage and the vibrancy of its colour well into the future.

A further fantastic feature is FIRESILX fire resistant coating. Fire resistant material is a requirement for foliage that is placed indoors, in public places in many instances so as to meet fire safety regulations. All of the artificial foliage products on offer at Treelocate feature this option which guarantees that each product meets the British Building Standards requirements. With this borne in mind, one can sleep soundly knowing that any artificial foliage within buildings provide charm and elegance without any degree of compromise with respect to safety.

Low Maintenance Artificial Plants

custom made polystyrene shapes

Custom Made Polystyrene Shapes

One of the most versatile ornamental options available on the market today is that of custom polystyrene shapes. You will be sure to see these decorations on the high street in shop windows every Christmas as a nativity scene or Santa and his sleigh delivering presents sprinkled with decorative snow. They also make perfect indoor features as either the main focus of a room or something to compliment a space. Durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance are just a few good reasons to have your own bespoke polystyrene cutouts created.

Arguably the most decisive factor in a custom styrofoam piece is simply how well sculpted it is. This is where artists and technology meet to perform a ballet of creation and give us the most realistic and pleasing results possible. Gone are the days when sculptures had to be created purely by the fallible human hand. Thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines working in concert with the incredible creative finesse of our artists, we are able to produce intricate designs with a stunning accuracy.

CNC machines have been used since the 1940s and simply put, their purpose is to perform a task using physical tools with the speed, certainty and predictability that only a machine can deliver. Pre-programmed commands instruct the machine which actions to carry out and the order and manner in which these actions should take place. CNC has been put to work in countless areas over the years from circuit boards to vehicles and as the software has improved so have the results.

To utilise this method, a CAD file is created and a code for the design generated. This is the set of instructions that the machine will carry out. We can manufacture designs from CAD files that you already have or if you don’t already have a design our team will work with you to produce one that best fits your purpose. A further benefit of the use of CNC machines is that when a batch of a particular design is ordered, you can be sure that the final products will be shaped identically. These custom foam shapes can be produced very quickly and are an inexpensive yet exciting way to give life to a space.

One of the most popular uses for this type of product is polystyrene balls and lettering. Big and small, bright or subtle, you can find examples of custom shapes all over the world. Children’s names hanging above the mantelpiece, eye-catching 3D advertisements outside of businesses, from MTV to TED Talks custom polystyrene work is unavoidable.

All of the custom styrofoam work that we produce is available in our FIRESILX fire resistant coating which meets the British Building Standards requirements which are often a necessity if the design is going to be placed in a public space. We also offer various coatings to maintain the integrity of the polystyrene and to combat the weather if it is located outdoors.

Polystyrene Formula 1 car cut to shape

Incredibly Detailed Styrofoam Shapes

There have been some very creative projects from around the globe using the custom CNC polystyrene method. These include scale model buildings and cities, enormous realistic animals, brutal ancient Samurai warriors and one of our very own, a polystyrene scale model of a Formula 1 racing car which is currently at the Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit in Abu-Dhabi.

Perhaps the most visible industry to use custom foam shaped products is the Film and Television industry. Polystyrene set designs can often be found on stage and on the big screen. Its light-weight quality and the ease in which any shape can be replicated makes polystyrene the perfect candidate for props and sets. From statues in The Lord of The Rings and rocks in Indiana Jones, to entire sets in Harry Potter and The Matrix, custom styrofoam has earned itself a place in the repertoire of every set designer.

treelocate catalogue downloads

Treelocate has just released our 2017 catalogues. These come as two separate formats. Our main catalogue displays all our standard stock items from faux single stem flowers, planters, trees to large artificial palms and many more floral items.

The Arrangements catalogue shows all our pre planted products available for immediate sale. No arranging or planting required here. These have proved extremely popular with our garden centre clients and retailers. All these items are designed and made in the UK by our team of dedicated and experienced staff.

New Discount Structures

We have also introduced a new pricing structure as shown in the latest catalogues. Although we face challenging times with the effective devaluation of sterling we have managed to keep price increases to an absolute minimum, whilst many of our products remain unchanged. We have also increased our discounts for items bought in certain quantities allowing some very competitive pricing. Selling items in full carton quantities is considerably more cost efficient and we have been able to pass on these savings for customers willing to purchase in this way.

Treelocate Brands



Our “FIRESILX” Inherently Fire retardant foliage which has been certified to BS5852 as well as numerous other Country wide tests is always extremely popular and we have again increased this range. The Fire proofing of these products come with a lifetime guarantee giving you the confidence needed to install these products without worry. Remember these products are inherently treated and not sprayed on at a later date. All certificates are freely available.



We also have an increased range of our UV stable, fade proof foliage for exterior use under our “UVSILX” brand. More and more customers are asking for artificial foliage to be suitable for exteriors. A number of factories claim UV stable products, but beware of any bargain items as these are usually manufactured using recycled plastic and will turn Blue very quickly once exposed to sunlight. All UVSILX products carry a worldwide 2 year minimum Fade resistant guarantee.

New Image Library

Our new photography studio is now up and running and as a result we have been able to photograph products to a very high standard. All our images are available for our customers to use in their own publications. Investment in new software also allows our clients to log into our full product catalogue and download images. These can be downloaded in high or low resolution as required.

artificial ficus tree manufacturer

Finally in place is our latest project – a huge artificial Ficus tree

The ANZ Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand has recently become home to a striking white artificial Ficus tree courtesy of the skillful team of artists and designers here at Treelocate. The brand new four storey ANZ Centre is located in central Christchurch and was a huge project orchestrated by Tim Glasson. Glasson, a New Zealand property investor and businessman, contributed the complex as one of a number of projects that are revitalising the area of central Christchurch after a series of devastating earthquakes damaged the city extensively between 2010 and 2012.

Based in the centre of the commercial hub of the city, the ANZ Centre is home to both retail and corporate interests. A number of high end fashion and jewellery stores provide ample shopping opportunities and above them are the offices of ANZ Bank and Beca, an engineering and consultancy firm. The most attention grabbing feature of the building is the stunning and massive atrium, the centrepiece of which is our incredible bespoke Ficus tree.

The unmissable pure white Ficus tree, which stands tall by the central dining area surrounded by prim Buxus hedging, will be used as a canvas as lighting allows splashes of colour to illuminate the tree in an incredibly flexible and satisfying manner. Of course, this final scene is the result of weeks of careful work carried out in the UK at Treelocate.

We offer partially artificial and full artificial trees both of which have their own particular benefits depending on the circumstances surrounding the project. This particular Ficus is an entirely artificial tree which began life as a metal skeleton carefully welded into shape to provide sturdy support. After the skeleton has been welded, the frame is coated in chemically complex expanding foam which is then meticulously carved into shape. Finally hardened plastic bark is added to the frame from moulds taken from genuine trees giving an authentic texture. The bark is then fastidiously hand painted by our specialists to emulate the myriad of colours generated by real trees.

The final phase of any build with respect to the shape of the tree is adding the foliage to give the tree its satisfying canopy. This is an intensely important aspect of the construction not only because the shape of the canopy gives the tree a huge part of its character but because the composition of the foliage gives the tree its defence against the elements and ensures its longevity. We can offer two vital chemical compounds inherent in the foliage:

UVSILX uv resistant foliage is used to provide protection from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Over time the colour of the foliage will fade if it is not adequately protected so its use is of paramount importance for those trees that are going to spend their time in the sun. Our UVSILX compound preserves the foliage in the desired shade and ensures that the tree will remain fresh and strong in its appearance for many years and in any climate. A second chemical compound FIRESILX, which is fire retardant leaves in accordance with British Building Standards, is also available allowing for peace of mind and higher safety standards for trees that are going to be displayed indoors. Both of these brands are exclusive to Treelocate and perform their respective duties to the high standards that we demand.

This artificial Ficus tree was fabricated by our zealous team over three weeks in the UK before being disassembled and shipped across the world. It was critical that the tree stand up to the rugged safety measures demanded by the New Zealand customs authorities which, naturally, it did. Furthermore, structural seismic calculations had to be demonstrated to satisfy the civil engineers in charge of the project to satisfy insurance considerations.

Seven weeks later, the disassembled tree along with our own Georgia Thompson arrived in Christchurch for the installation. Our Ficus was then re-assembled over two days with the help of a local team from Leighs Construction under the supervision of Georgia. A time-lapse video of this fascinating reassembly process can be watched below.

Artificial Hanging BasketsArtificial plants, flowers and trees make your living space look more vibrant and alive, especially during the darker, colder months of the year. But who has the time to maintain the upkeep of these plants, flowers, or trees? The only thing worse than a lack of plants around the home or office, is dead plants around the home or office. And that can be just as depressing.

But for the occasional fake ficus tree and maybe some decorations during the holidays, most people don’t put much thought into artificial plants and trees. But they really are a great way to change the ambiance of any space. They can set a mood of welcome and relaxation, brighten dark corners in offices and best of all they don’t die. With a very small amount of care and cleaning, artificial plants, flowers and trees can look great for many years.

This handy guide will offer you some advice on what to look for when buying artificial trees and plants from our website.

What are artificial plants?Artificial Cherry Blossom in vase

The purpose of an artificial plant is to be an alternative to actual live plants and trees for decoration of areas and relieve you of the maintenance that comes with caring for fresh, live plants. They are also a great option for people suffering with allergies to various plants and flowers, and those who are sensitive to flower pollen. Some of our plants, trees and flowers are made of high quality silk, but the majority of our artificial plants are made of various plastic. In some cases our exterior uv proof foliage UVsilx™ range of plants and greenery needs to be of a thicker plastic to with-stand the extreme heat and temperatures that they would be exposed to in the Middle East. We also have a range of inherently fire-retardant foliage FireSilx™ for increased safety and peace of mind, without sacrificing appearance.

Artificial Trees

The main benefit of owning an artificial tree is that it improves the look and feel of whatever space the tree is placed in. Also, other benefits come from not having to feed, water, and the maintenance to keep a live tree trimmed and looking at it’s best. There is also the huge saving that comes from not having to replace trees when they die. You can achieve the perfect look you desire and maintain the fresh feel with minimal effort.
First, you will need to consider what type of plastic tree you want to buy. The type of tree needs to reflect the overall theme of the room it is going into. A rustic living room would look a little odd with a banana tree sitting in the corner. In the same way a modern hotel room with artificial topiaries would look just as strange. So it’s a great idea to know which tree will fit in with a room’s interior decor and design.

Types of Artificial Trees

Think of a decorative tree and the chances are that there is an fake tree alternative to it. Some of our custom-made trees are quite ornate and intended to be eye catching, while others are more subdued and classic-looking. Note that there are several artificial trees specifically designed for exterior use and are quite tough and durable. These exterior trees are created with our UV Resistant foliage that is made to withstand the UV rays from the sun. Some of our more popular outdoor artificial tree types include olive trees, buxus trees, yucca trees, cycas palms and eucalyptus trees. These are great for placing around pools or balcony areas as well as entrance ways and on hotel lobbies.

In addition to exterior options, there are many artificial trees that work great indoors too. Along with ficus trees, areca palms, larger olive trees, and bamboo trees can make any room look more welcoming and vibrant.

Artificial Plants

The benefits of owning artificial plants include the low maintenance needed to keep your home looking vibrant and alive. Further bonuses come from the fact that we can provide or create for you different arrangements for different seasons, themes, and holidays. When it’s time to change the theme, just switch the fake plant with the current theme and store away the other until it is needed again. The plastic plant will look just as good next season as did this one.

Artificial plants are meant to be a replacement to live plants. They require little time and energy to keep them looking healthy. Also as with our artificial trees, our artificial plants can be found made from various materials such as silk and plastic. They also have wire running through them so that they can be adjusted and manipulated if need be.

Types of Artificial Plants

We stock a huge range of synthetic plants from azalea and petunia to ferns and yuccas in various colours and sizes. Both flowering and nonflowering varieties of artificial plants are available. Just as with artificial trees, it is important to choose the right artificial plants and flowers to fit the look and feel of the area that they will be going into.

Artificial Tree & Plant Arrangements

Many of our products available in our shop are tree, plant and flower arrangements specifically chosen with our high quality fibreglass plant pot range to give you the complete solution. Of course, there is also an option to have a custom-made arrangement which can extend well past what can be expected from our collections of artificial tree and plant arrangements.

Feel Happier!

Few things make a living space look more vibrant and alive than do plants and trees. Whether it be an exterior space or interior area of the home, plants and trees bring things to life. Many people feel that just the sight of plants makes them feel happier. To get that good feeling, without having to deal with all the maintenance for live plants and trees, we have a large variety of artificial alternatives to choose from. With so many different types of artificial plants and trees available, you can find the perfect mix for any home or office.