Situated in the vibrant heart of one of London’s trendiest streets.

Der Brief

Our customer’s goal was to create a truly unique tree that would not only fill the vast expanse of space but also radiate character and charm.

Given the commercial setting, there was a crucial requirement for the tree to be fire retardant and keep both the surroundings and visitors safe.

The location where this tree would go boasted soaring high ceilings and an abundance of space. The entire room adhered to a minimalist and neutral aesthetic, calling for something that would catch attention and enhance the room’s ambience.

Since the tree would be placed in a seating area, strict instructions were in place to ensure ample canopy clearance, eliminating concerns about anyone getting injured while enjoying their time underneath it.


The Solution

We worked closely with our customer, Suna Design, to guarantee the safety and comfort of people beneath the tree. We took extra care to provide a generous 2.25-meter canopy clearance. This ensured that those seated underneath wouldn’t have to worry about any risks of bumping their heads.

With the ceiling featuring a glass top, there was a concern that the tree’s foliage might risk turning blue or losing its vibrant colour. That’s where our solution came into play: our UVSilx and FireSilx olive foliage. This unique foliage not only ensures safety but also maintains the tree’s stunning and vibrant appearance, complimenting the surroundings perfectly.

Das Ergebnis

We are thrilled to have crafted a magnificent 5-meter-tall olive tree that perfectly captures our customer’s vision. As we installed the tree in its final location, we could truly appreciate the beauty of the finished product.

Our collaboration with the dedicated team at Suna Design was an absolute pleasure.