Tested to meet worldwide FR standards


DIN 4102 – BS 5867

Fire Retardant Artificial Foliage, Plants and Trees

Avoid the risk of fire and protect your business by offering guests, customers and staff a stunning yet safe environment with FireSilx inherently fire retardant plants and trees.

With an incredibly realistic appearance, premium quality materials and fire retardant properties guaranteed for life, FireSilx trees, plants and foliage are the number one choice for architects, landscapers and interior designers looking to add a special touch to any project. Businesses all over the world have chosen FireSilx, adding a unique atmosphere to everything from shopping malls and hotels to theme parks and casinos.

Worldwide FR Standards

All FireSilx products have been tested to meet worldwide FR standards. Our fireproof foliage is created using flame-resistant materials and chemicals during the manufacturing process. We never use sprays or dips post-manufacture so there is no need to reproof yearly and we guarantee no sticky, oily or greasy films.

Put safety first without compromising on quality by choosing FireSilx foliage for your next project.

Tests & Certificates

FireSilx fire retardant foliage has been rigorously tested to ensure our products meet fire-safety standards around the world.

Find out more about the worldwide FR standard tests and view the official certificates we hold.

FireSilx burn test

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FireSilx?

FireSilx is the leading brand of inherently flame-retardant artificial plants, foliage, trees and flowers, backed by multiple worldwide certificates, including DIN 4102, and 25 years of industry experience.

Why Choose FireSilx?

Due to increasing fire safety regulations, FireSilx has become an essential part of any project where artificial plants are required for public display, and top-quality products are a priority.

With a wide variety of species and products available, there is something for every theme and setting.

FireSilx products are incredibly realistic and highly detailed, made from premium materials for a premium finished product.

Who Uses FireSilx?

Landscapers, architects, interior designers, visual merchandisers and event producers all benefit from our FR products. We have long been the number one choice for many well-established companies looking to install artificial foliage.

You can FireSilx featured all over the world in hotels, restaurants, theme parks, casinos and resorts.

Why FireSilx Is Better?

FireSilx products are manufactured using inherently fire-retardant materials, meaning they will retain their FR properties throughout the life of the product.

Many fire-resistant products use a post-manufacture application in the form of dips or sprays, which are not as effective and require regular re-application to remain fire retardant.

As no post-manufacture treatment is needed, which can affect the final appearance and feel, FireSilx plants retain their botanically accurate look and touch.

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