Manzanita Branch Christmas Tree

Manzanita branches can provide something different for in-store décor or resale this Christmas.

Well known for their unique form and durability, the preserved branches from the west coast of the USA have been popular for both wedding wish trees and more general décor for a long time.  Now, with their availability in pre-painted form also catching on, they are also a hot new Christmas item.

Manzanita branches as a replacement for the traditional Christmas tree (real or artificial) has boomed in the last couple of years.  They are easier to attach decorations and chocolate treats to, and can be used as hanging frames for Christmas cards.   After-Christmas, use them as repositories for the gift tags from gifts and presents.

Due to their rigid form and high strength, Manzanita branches also make a great candle stand or table centrepiece when entertaining friends over dinner.  Or, simply use fairy lights wound through the branches as you would with a traditional Christmas tree.

TreeLocate is the UK’s largest stockist of preserved natural Manzanita branches.  We can supply in volume, as well as in sizes from just 12-inches (30cm) tall, through to 3.4-metres.

Customised Manzanita Branches

Our in-house coatings and spray bay can paint the branches to any colour you desire, including metallic finishes.  Our tree-building fabricators can also supply base plates and stands should you need those too.

For further information, sizes and availability, and prices: please call your sales contact at TreeLocate on 01668 219219.

Click any of the images below to see them larger.

Painted Manzanita branch Painted Manzanita branches in planters

(Above : Painted Manzanita branches in a simple white finish)

(Below: Painted white Manzanita mixed with painted Draghair Creeper, decorated with miniature Christmas tree baubles)
Manzanita branch Christmas Tree

(Below : Preserved Manzanita with the bark stripped by sand-blasting to show the smooth bare branches)

Sandblasted medium-size Manzanita branches Sandblasted Manzanita branches in vase

(Below : Sandblasted larger Manzanita branches in planters are a simple yet elegant décor feature)
Extra-large Manzanita branches in planters

(Below : Comparative sizes of Manzanita branches available)

Natural medium-size Manzanita branches Extra-large Manzanita branches