Manzanita Branches

TreeLocate is the UK’s largest stockist of Manzanita branches

Manzanita is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to the North American west coast. They grow complex and intricate but strong branches with deep red bark.

The branches are preserved by kiln drying at a low temperature to prevent cracking. The result is a delicate and unique, decorative wood which is incredibly strong and will last indefinitely.

Manzanita branches are highly prized for their decorative effect and can often be found in elegant displays and featuring at weddings as wishing trees.

We offer 3 different finishes for our Manzanita wood

Natural – A deep reddish brown with a smooth texture

Sandblasted – Creamy white/blonde colouring with a slightly textured surface

Pre-Painted – Any colour in an all over painted coat, leaving a beautiful smooth finish.

We can supply large or small quantities, as well as a variety of sizes from 30cm to 4m. Due to being a natural product size, thickness and appearance will vary.

All wood is ethically sourced, collected by registered harvesters and never taken from endangered species.

Download our catalogue to view the entire range and all available choices.

manzanita decoration branch
kiln dried manzanita branches
manzanita real decoration

We will supply for any scale of project, large or small and you will not be disappointed with the level of service or quality of product – GUARANTEED

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