06.01.2015 • Products

A Sweet Little Special Project

Towards the end of 2014, our Bespoke Trees team received a request for an unusual tree that was a lot of fun to make.

One of our long-term customers (Big Plant Company) had received a contract to supply a centrepiece for a special in-store display at a major department store, and came to TreeLocate for the main item – a faux tree in all gold finish.

The tree build was in steel frame with natural branches, fire retardant bulking around the steel frame tapering to the natural branches, with an all-over bright gold finish to the “wood” and foliage.  Attached amongst the foliage, as fruits or berries, were to be a rather distinctive chocolate confectionery.

Building a Bespoke faux tree

The sequenced pictures below show the different stages of the tree build as it passed through the various sections of our production team.  Unfortunately we don’t have images of it in its final installation.

(Left) Steel & wood frame assembled onto base box. (Right) Frame with initial coating of fire retardant foam.

(Left) Foamed frame after initial rough smoothing. (Right) Smoothed frame with polyurea bark texture patches, undercoated and primed with initial gold-coat being applied.

(Above) Completed tree frame with all coatings applied, ready for foliating.
(Above) Almost complete tree with custom-finished foliage, “confectionery fruits”, and Logo board in situ.


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