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Artificial Fire Retardant Foliage

Fire Retardant Foliage

We love our trees and plants, as they give our health and well-being a positive impact. We love them so much, in fact, that we like to have them wherever we are, both indoors and out. While this is a nice idea in theory, it can sometimes be difficult to put into practice. That’s when you need artificial plants and trees that are more manageable in an interior environment. This, however, introduces other considerations, one of which is fire. We’ve all seen how much damage a fire can do to trees in the wild, and having artificial plants indoors might seem to invite a similar danger. That’s why we make special fire resistant trees that are treated during the manufacturing process to prevent the spread of flames.

How Do You Make An Artificial Plant Fire Resistant?

At TreeLocate we specialise in the manufacture of artificial trees and plants using patented FireSilx products. Our fire retardant foliage is created with special chemicals and materials that are inherently flame resistant, that is, they contain components that are self-extinguishing. This is an integral part of the manufacturing process and not a post-construction dip or spray, so we can guarantee that you’ll be left with no sticky, greasy or oily surface films. For this reason also you won’t need to reproof your fire resistant trees every year. The fabric we use to create the artificial trees is impregnated with FireSilx retardant before the leaves and branches are moulded, which ensures that it cannot be washed off or just dissipate over time. In the unfortunate event of a fire, our specially constructed fire retardant trees may get discoloured or blackened by smoke, but they won’t catch fire.

Fire Resistant Trees

That’s not to say that you couldn’t burn them in a furnace or a raging forest fire, but in normal fire situations artificial trees are inherently fire resistant. All our FireSilx products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their compliance with global fire retardant standards,

so we can provide them with a lifetime guarantee. Using only these premium quality fire retardant materials, our fire resistant trees and foliage still have an outstandingly realistic appearance, This is why companies worldwide have chosen them to adorn their projects, which include hotels and casinos, theme parks and shopping malls. If you’re an interior designer, landscape engineer or architect, FireSilx fire resistant foliage can provide a great focal point for your project.

Why Choose Fire Resistant Artificial Foliage?

One word: safety. Whether you have artificial plants in your home or fake trees in a commercial environment, you don’t want to be endangering anyone’s safety. You may think your home is safe, and that other household items aren’t treated to be fire retardant, but anything will burn given sufficient encouragement. So it makes simple good sense when you’re choosing artificial plants for the home to choose fire retardant foliage.

The same goes for your workplace, showroom or exhibition centre. The more people are likely to enter a public environment, the more important it is that it’s safe, and fire retardant trees and foliage are the obvious choice. If fire resistant materials can help to prevent major fires, it’s basic good sense to use them. The good news is, that this type of foliage looks just as convincing as ordinary artificial foliage, but it gives you that added level of security.

Why Fire Resistant Trees Are So Important

We might moan about Health and Safety at Work, but it’s critical to protect your staff and customers from any unnecessary risks. Using trees and plants as part of your interior or exterior design plan is a great idea for brightening up dull spaces or simply to add a splash of colour or natural greenery. Choosing artificial fire retardant trees is a logical next step, so you get the best of both worlds. Our fire retardant foliage and plants are so painstakingly recreated from nature that you’ll be hard pressed to tell them from real. You won’t be sacrificing any aesthetic considerations in the pursuit of safety, nor will you be introducing dangerously flammable materials into the environment.

FR Compliance

More and more public buildings are being required to install only fire retardant artificial trees, and certification may eventually be required for all installations. FireSilx products are manufactured in strict compliance with global FR standards and are guaranteed for their lifetime. While there is not yet any single British or European Standard that

specifically addresses fire retardant artificial trees and plants, there are standards that govern the component parts, such as the fabrics and plastics. All our FireSilx fire retardant foliage and trees are certified in accordance with these standards, as well as other US and International Standards. We will provide you with copies of these certificates on request.

Choosing A Fire Retardant Artificial Tree

As with our other ranges of artificial plants, our collection of fire retardant trees and foliage is large and varied. We have palm trees for large spaces and ferns for small ones, as well as pot plants and topiary mats, beautifully-coloured flowering trees and trailing plants. Fire retardant trees and foliage can be any shape, size or hue you desire, from the most delicate pink cherry blossom to the striking burgundy maple and bright bougainvillea. We also make attractively shaped artificial grasses and bamboo, along with trailing ivy and a twig base for making garlands. We have redesigned many of our old favourite plants to be fire retardant, so you won’t have to decide between natural beauty and safety.

Fire Retardant Foliage

Artificial foliage is a great choice for incidental decor or temporary displays. Our selection of highly realistic fire resistant artificial foliage is designed to keep you safe as well as to create an appealing decoration. You might add a spray of fern or feathery grass to a flower arrangement, or create some additional texture in your window box or planter with some interestingly shaped foliage. You can increase textural contrasts with delicate fern fronds or a spray of fan-like Washingtonia, or trail a vine or some wisteria around your porch. Whatever your design scheme, TreeLocate has a fire retardant option that will fill the bill.

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