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Artificial Green Walls

Unparalleled Artificial Green Walls


Our artificial green walls offer hassle-free maintenance, a remarkably lifelike appearance, and full flexibility for customization. With both the option of bespoke green walls and stock item green walls, there is an excellent selection to choose from. It serves as an undeniable solution to enhance both commercial and private areas significantly. Conceal unattractive walls effortlessly using lush faux greenery panels, eliminating the need for costly installation and ample space typically associated with genuine green walls.


Our custom living walls are crafted exclusively with high-grade artificial plantsfoliage, and greenery, ensuring premium quality. Each of our faux products can effortlessly adhere to panels, allowing you to customize the appearance according to your specific preferences.


Our factory in the UK is where we meticulously craft our customized green walls. The panels are constructed with galvanized steel frames, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity, whether installed indoors or outdoors, even when exposed to water. With years of expertise in creating artificial green walls, our team has mastered the art of seamlessly attaching our replica plants to ensure they closely resemble real plants‘ natural growth and appearance. We take great care to securely fasten our foliage, preventing them from being picked or torn away from the frame, which proves advantageous when installed in public spaces.


We deeply comprehend the significance of fire safety, which is precisely why our artificial green wall panels exclusively undergo manufacturing processes incorporating FireSilx fire retardant foliage. FireSilx Foliage holds the sole distinction of being certified for building and construction purposes, and we assure you that official FR certification accompanies each and every order.


In addition to being suitable for indoor installations, our artificial green wall offers external-grade alternatives as well. By utilizing UVSilx UV colourfast foliage, we ensure that our green wall panels will endure for numerous years when installed outdoors. Our artificial green walls have been successfully deployed across various locations worldwide, enduring the harshest climates while consistently proving their longevity. Thanks to our premium colourfast materials used in the production of UVSilx foliage, we confidently guarantee that our green wall will retain its authentic colours even when directly exposed to sunlight or freezing temperatures.


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