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Artificial Palm Trees, Made With Passion

Palm trees are one of nature’s most beautiful designs. With their magnificent display of draping, green leaves, and sturdy trunk, it’s no wonder that so many people aim to replicate their awe-inspiring appearance. For thousands of years, the palm has held a heavy historical significance, from palm leaves being used to fan monarchs and royals to dozens of mentions in the Bible and the Quran.

These days, the palm tree holds a more secular place in society. Its quintessentially tropical feel has people all over the world displaying palms with pride in public buildings, museums, hotels, event spaces, and even leisure facilities.

Why are artificial palm trees so popular?

The UK is not the ideal place for raising tropical plants, which makes growing and maintaining palm trees no easy feat. Artificial palms provide all the impressive look and feel of natural plants, without the challenge of maintaining their health. You can also enjoy beautiful palm trees indoors for years to come with zero maintenance cost.

When designed and manufactured to the high quality you can expect from our team, artificial palm trees have the same majestic appeal as any you’d find in a genuine tropical setting. Their dramatic impact is only heightened by the realisation that they’re not actually real palm trees, but impeccably made replicas.

What can you expect from our palms?

We offer custom replica palms, hand-built in the UK, available in any style and with no height restrictions. Whether you’re looking to wow guests with a leafy banana palm or create impact with an iconic Washingtonia palm, we’re guaranteed to create a show-stopping product with an impressively realistic effect.

Made with strong steel cores and stable, heavy baseplates, our artificial palms ensure beautiful, safe structures that are built to last. Our bespoke trees are available as fire-retardant options and come with a choice of either artificial or preserved fronds.

Why should you choose preserved fronds?

A preserved frond is our recommended choice for interior palm trees. We take genuine, original palm fronds and carefully preserve them to protect their beauty and natural appearance. The end result is an undeniably realistic palm tree that delivers the allure of nature to an interior.

How do you know we’re the best?

With 25 years under our belts, we know fake palm trees better than any manufacturer in the UK. It’s not all about the look, but the feel, the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every tree we make.

We know that outstanding quality means a long-lasting product that never loses its effect, which is why we carefully select the materials we work with and offer UV resistant foliages colourfast stabiliser for an everlasting colour, even with regular exposure to the sun.

Our bespoke service is highly rated by all of our clients and, thanks to our expert design team, there are no restrictions on size or style, so it’s easy to find the precise look you envision. We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with what we can do for you.

Find out more about our bespoke artificial and preserved palm trees or get a quote for your requirements today.

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