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Artificial Topiary

What is artificial topiary?

Artificial topiary is part of an expanding market in faux plants and foliage, ideal for those without green fingers. It offers a great way to enliven your garden or courtyard with anything from a bespoke box hedge to the most fanciful sculptured shrub. Artificial topiary requires no pruning, watering or pest control and can be supplied in long-lasting UV and fire resistant varieties.

What does topiary mean?

Topiary is the art of trimming and shaping living plants into a variety of ornamental designs, and has been known since Roman times. It acquired enormous popularity in the 16th century, when formal stylised gardens came into vogue, and has been in and out of fashion ever since. Traditional topiary forms include geometric cubes, cones, balls, pyramids or obelisks, as well as tapering spirals and tiered plates. People and animal shapes are also very popular and whole garden designs can be executed with arches, mazes and the like. Traditional topiary takes time, skill and patience, but at TreeLocate we can provide you with a premium quality and life-like alternative at the click of a button.

Where to buy artificial topiary

Topiary used to require growing live privet, boxwood or yew and fashioning it into the desired shape. At TreeLocate all you need to do is browse our premium artificial topiary pages and choose what will best suit your requirements. Box or Buxus is still a favoured type of topiary, and our artificial buxus is second to none. Only the finest materials are used in its construction, including Grade One plastics for extremely durable and realistic foliage. For our hedging we use premium marine grade plywood to provide a long-lasting and durable internal structure for lifetime topiary.

The botanical genus of Buxus contains about 70 different species, commonly known as box or boxwood. There is plenty of variety to incorporate into topiary design, and the real buxus is particularly well suited to the art. Our expert designers like buxus for its ability to produce interesting and unusual shapes, which we can imitate with premium quality materials to render the most lifelike and realistic artificial representations. Spirals are particularly pleasing aesthetically, with buxus balls also making a popular decorative feature in many stylised gardens.

What shapes can I have?

Visit our web store today and explore the complete range of artificial topiary available in stock, from topiary mats and hedging to artificial boxwood spirals and topiary towers. Buxus balls are a big favourite, with many sizes and multiples of design on offer, including single, double and triple ball trees. Topiary balls can be designed on tree stems or off, with ground level shrub designs in various sizes and materials including boxwood and moss. Our elegant spiral designs are available in a choice of buxus and boxwood, with cedar or rosemary to add variation. Rosemary can be supplied in towers and two sizes of topiary ball, and some other style options include mini pine trees and bonsai.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous or have a specific project in mind, our team at TreeLocate are also experts in bespoke artificial topiary and hedging. With 25 years of experience in artificial topiary design, we can make your ideas into a stunning green reality, from abstract shapes to bespoke boxwood lettering spelling out your company name. Fantasy figures, cartoon characters, animals and birds are all possible in artificial topiary just as they are in real tree design, so let your imagination run riot! Size is no object in bespoke artificial foliage design and we’re always looking for new and exciting projects to add to our portfolio.

The benefits of artificial topiary

The great advantage of artificial topiary is that no water consumption or drainage is required, making it both cost-effective and convenient. It can be permanent or temporary, bringing beauty and style to any occasion, and it won’t shed leaves or fade in the sun. You can set up an artificial privacy hedge anywhere you want, or make a temporary foliage screen that you can move around. You can also use artificial hedging or mats to hide intrusive or surveillance features such as air conditioning or security equipment, making your property both safer and more attractive. Attractive artificial mats come in various designs including grape vines, moss, oriental grass or buxus tops. Try some experimental design options such as wall or floor mats, or on the roof of your gazebo.

Greenery is always a great choice for creating a relaxing environment, and with artificial topiary you can provide this wherever you want, both indoors and out. It can be used to great effect in commercial spaces and exhibitions, or for seasonal decorations such as wreaths and Christmas trees.

How to clean artificial topiary

Artificial topiary and foliage will require dusting, just as live plants do, and a simple solution of mild soap on a damp cloth will be sufficient to gently wipe off the leaves on smaller trees or shrubs. In the case of a hedge or mat, you might require a soft bristle paint brush or feather duster, or a gentle shower spray every so often to keep them looking clean and bright.

Why buy artificial topiary and hedging at TreeLocate?

All our TreeLocate products are botanically accurate reproductions, with beautiful natural colours that won’t dim with exposure to the sun because of their UV resistant coating. Some UV resistant products last only a couple of years, but our UV Silx colour-fast foliage has been globally certified as a permanent solution to fading. Artificial topiary is also safe to use in indoor environments such as lobbies and halls, when you choose our fire resistant options in the FireSilx range. This outstanding flame retardant foliage is fire rated and certified to global FR standards and we can provide you with official certificates if required.

Above all, our craftsmanship and premium grade materials make TreeLocate products the number one choice for artificial topiary and hedges, so visit our web store today and explore your options!

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