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Artificial Trees

Trees are an essential part of our planet’s ecosystem and we should plant as many as we can – but even if you have no garden space, you can still have trees that are amazing to look at. The best artificial trees are so lifelike and realistic that you’d never know they weren’t growing. You’ll find them these days in offices and shopping malls, in private homes and big hotels, and the quality just keeps getting better and better. Gone are the days of the fake daffodil or the lurid green plastic Christmas tree – today’s premium grade artificial trees are spanning the globe in their choice of realistically reproduced varieties.

Why choose artificial trees?

Most people find it relaxing to be around green plants and trees, and to admire the natural beauty of flowering varieties. Cherry trees in blossom are so much cherished in Japan that festivals are held in the spring just to enjoy them, but we can offer you a cherry tree that will bloom all year round. Our artificial trees are so realistic that you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference, and these beautiful, delicate blooms can give pleasure in any climate or environment. They are generally safer, more manageable and won’t drop leaves or catch blight. Bugs aren’t interested in them, they don’t need feeding or watering, and their roots won’t push up through your paving.

Artificial trees are the designer’s dream solution to beautiful, naturalistic decoration, and are ideal for spaces large and small. Hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, office foyers and restaurant terraces can all be enhanced with artificial trees, and we can offer a large selection of delectable designs. You might also choose an artificial tree to showcase your live plants in a garden centre or florist’s display.

What are artificial trees made from?

TreeLocate replica trees are constructed in two different ways. One type is made using a steel core trunk, sculpted into the desired shape and covered with fully fabricated, realistic bark covering. The second option is a tree made with preserved natural wood from sustainably sourced live forests, topped with a naturalistic artificial canopy. Our fabricated trees can be produced in any shape or size, texture or species, in a process so botanically accurate that even birds would be fooled. Our kiln dried natural trunks help preserve a real tree for life and furnish it with the beautiful natural features that it would have in its own habitat.

Leaves and flowers are carefully constructed from silk and polyester blends and can be made in special UV-resistant and fire retardant versions. Our patented UVSilx products offer protection against sunlight’s ultraviolet rays and extreme heat, and will remain colour fast outdoors for a lifetime. Fully certified FR FireSilx products are guaranteed for life and will offer the extra security you need for your installation.

Where can I buy artificial trees?

At TreeLocate, we make premium quality faux foliage and artificial trees of many varieties, including a wide range of palm trees. You can also choose from colourful flowering species such as bougainvillea or wisteria as well as foliage types like ficus and bamboo. You’ll have no more worries about watering, drainage or garden pests when you choose an artificial tree, just the pleasure of a botanically perfect, realistic reproduction. Artificial trees are a great idea for creating a garden in a place with no soil, such as a mall or urban walkway. If you are an urban planner, architect, landscaper or other trade customer, visit our web store today to choose from stock designs, or talk with our expert team for some ideas on bespoke artificial tree design.

How do I clean artificial trees?

If they are not already outdoors, you’ll be best advised to take your trees outside to clean them. Gently brush off the dust with a feather duster or a soft bristle paint brush, which is good for getting into small cracks and crevices. If you can get one, use an electrostatic duster that the dust will cling to, so you don’t spread it around or breathe it in. Work from top to bottom and brush off the dust that will accumulate around the base of the tree. Then give the tree a shower bath, making sure to test the leaves first to check that they won’t distort when in contact with water, or change their colours.

You’ll probably need to remove the tree from its pot or container, as this and the tree’s bedding materials may not be waterproof. Alternatively, you can tape a large rubbish bag tightly around the base of the tree to prevent any water getting in. You should then rinse the trees with a gentle spray of water and wipe off any excess dirt with a soft cloth. Spraying or wiping leaves with a mild vinegar solution or proprietary spray is also a good solution and can produce a nice shine.

Who has the best artificial trees?

We do, of course! Our expert team at TreeLocate have been in the business for 25 years and have wide experience in all kinds of artificial trees, plants and flowers. We’re British based, with a global reputation for supplying premium grade products to an extensive range of individual and trade customers. We have long-standing worldwide esteem amongst architects, landscapers and interior designers as their preferred supplier and we can design and manufacture to order. We are fully tooled up in our Northumberland premises and can field a team of talented, knowledgeable and experienced artisans to carry out any project to your own specifications.

On top of all this, TreeLocate provides a professional and friendly service to all our customers, old and new, with an advantageous trade account for commercial ventures. We are interested in small jobs as well as large and are always very happy to offer advice or assist you with any project you have in mind. Register today for a trade account at TreeLocate, and see how much benefit you will derive from choosing artificial trees for your project.

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