30.10.2012 • Products

Bespoke Christmas Polystyrene Cut-outs For Store And Window Displays

This Christmas, TreeLocate’s customers and their clients can brighten up their festive decorations and displays with our range of standard cut-outs and characters.

In addition to the standard shapes, a few of which are shown in this photo, we can also rapid-CAD bespoke designs and have then quickly cut and shipped to you.  Perhaps you need your company name or logo, perhaps a series of similar sizes and shapes for a particular theme (e.g. seasonal foods for a banquet).

If you can provide outline clip-art for us to take the cutting trace from, it’ll speed up the turnaround between order and despatch.  But don’t worry if you can’t, our in-house designer can produce all the art-work and cutting plots.

Although we can produce virtually any size you desire, our “standard size” fits within 1.2 x 1.2 metre sheets, whether it’s a single piece or multiple items per sheet.  To give some idea of what you can fit into that size, in the photo on the left –

  • the three reindeer and the two trees are all 1-metre high.
  • the camel and large ribbon-bow are both 1-metre wide by approximately 800mm tall.
  • the sleigh final dimensions (2 pieces assembled) are 1.2 metres wide, 800mm tall.

To place your order for standard or bespoke polystyrene cut-outs, contact Jonny, Mark or Paul.  If you’d like to discuss technical or design topics before ordering, contact Garry.  However, everyone at TreeLocate will be happy to assist you with any initial enquiry.

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