19.07.2023 • Products


Situated in the heart of the Northumberland countryside, the newly refurbished Tempus at Charlton Hall combines luxury with comfort.

Within the interiors of Tempus, our range of artificial products takes centre stage, adding a touch of beauty to every corner and tabletop. From exotic and luscious palm trees that transport you to a tropical paradise to vibrant wisteria that cascades down walls, the space comes alive with colour, vibrancy, and an undeniable sense of character.

As these artificial plants, trees and foliage are all a part of our FireSilx flame retardant range, you can be rest assured that the atmosphere remains stunning and protected, granting peace of mind to all who visit Tempus.

As a local business, being a part of Charlton Hall’s venture has a special significance. We are delighted to have seen our products showcased in such a truly gorgeous setting.



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