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Choose FireSilx: Don’t Let Your Business Go Up In Smoke

FireSilx Fire Retardant Foliage

Fire is one of nature’s biggest killers. Every year, more and more forest fires are reported around the world, killing hundreds of thousands of animals and severely affecting natural ecosystems.

For most fires, it all begins with a single small flame, which quickly spreads and causes irreparable damage. Our FireSilx flame retardant products are specially designed to help prevent the spread of fire and keep your guests, customers and clients safe while on your property.

How can a fake tree help with fire safety?

Fire isn’t uncommon in larger buildings; we’ve seen at least five major hotel fires in 2018 alone, including at the iconic Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, which had only just undergone a large renovation project. It is therefore essential for any interior designer, business owner or architect to consider the highest standards of fire safety, especially when dealing with indoor plants and trees.

Unlike real trees, our replica trees can actively prevent the spread of dangerous fires. Instead of allowing a flame to thrive and grow, fire safe foliage will extinguish the flame within 10 seconds, ensuring a safer environment for your guests and limited damage to your business.

Less maintenance and complete peace of mind

Artificial trees are guaranteed to wow your guests; many of them won’t even realise they’re looking at a replica! We pride ourselves on delivering a product that is low-maintenance, and tailor-made to fit seamlessly into your space. We also believe that we have a responsibility to provide trees that will not only amaze your guests, but keep them safe. This is why our FireSilx products are inherently fire retardant, and created using fire resistant materials and chemicals during the manufacturing process. We don’t use sprays or dips post-manufacture so there is no need to worry about greasy, oily or sticky films that attract dust.

Fire safety paired with uncompromised quality

The fireproof element of FireSilx products is guaranteed for life so you will never have to reproof them. All of our FireSilx trees, plants and foliage are rigorously tested, ensuring that they meet the highest global FR standards.

We are continually finding new ways to elevate our FR assessments, and most recently, we’ve added DIN 4102 Part 1 (the standard in Germany) to our testing spectrum.
At TreeLocate, we don’t allow essential new safety features to compromise the quality of our products. Our customers will receive the same show-stopping effects and unrivalled realism as they’ve come to expect from our range.

Trust TreeLocate with your fire safe foliage

Our team has been designing and crafting outstanding tree replicas of all types for more than 25 years. We understand that quality can’t be compromised, which is why all of our bespoke Arboretum trees are manufactured with the look, feel and impact of the real thing, with the added benefit of being completely fire retardant.

With no restrictions on size or style, and a lifetime guarantee for FireSilx products, we’re certain that you’ll love what we can offer you.

Find out more about our fire retardant foliage or get a quote for your requirements today.

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