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TreeLocates Guide To Crafting The Perfect Festive Wreath

As the colder season creeps in, the festive spirit is in full swing. There’s nothing quite like the sight of wreaths or hangers gracing front doors to signal the arrival of Christmas. Strolling down the streets during this time, you can’t help but notice how everyone’s unique design choices reflect their taste, whether it’s the sleek and pure white aesthetics or a more traditional, classic touch.

Unfortunately, the natural beauty of a real wreath is short-lived. It withers away, and its elegance diminishes. That’s why we’re here to offer a better way. At TreeLocate, we’ve got an abundance of artificial foliage that can make your wreaths last for many festive seasons to come. Perfect for wreath-making workshops with family and friends or crafting your own unique piece.


What You’ll Need:


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Our step by step guide: 


  • Step 1:

To get started, gather our stock wreath, snips, and a wealth of our artificial festive foliage.

  • Step 2:

Now, it’s time to get creative. Trim the foliage to your desired look, whether you prefer a refined and polished wreath or a slightly imperfect yet charming one, the choice is entirely yours.

  • Step 3:

Insert each individual piece of prepared foliage into the wreaths base, as this is polystyrene, there is no need for any wire to secure in place. Stick to the same sequence the whole way around and continue until the entire base is covered in our wintery foliage.

  • Step 4:

Here’s where your personal touch shines. Add your Christmas “accessories.” Whether it’s a classic cinnamon stick or a handful of foraged acorns, make it uniquely yours.

  • Step 5:

Choose a ribbon that complements your design vision. In our case, we decided our wreath looked beautiful enough without. Craft a beautiful bow that can adorn your wreath.

  • Step 6:

Hang your creation on your door or wherever you like and enjoy. 



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