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Crafting Your English Country Garden Wreath

As the days gracefully shorten and the air becomes crisp following the summer solstice, we patiently await the arrival of autumn. Creating an autumnal wreath can be an excellent way to embrace the season’s beauty.

Here at TreeLocate, we’re fortunate to offer an extensive range of premium-quality artificial foliage, bringing the world of wreaths to your fingertips.


What You’ll Need:

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Creating the Bundles:

With your selection of ambers, burnt oranges, coppers, and plum beauties gathered, it’s time to become creative.

First, trim your foliage stems to the desired length for your wreath. As you work with our lifelike artificial stems, you’ll find that they are remarkably easy to manipulate into a natural “droopy” appearance, thanks to the hidden wire within them. Keep in mind that the number of bundles you create will depend on your frame’s size and the style you desire—whether it’s a “foraged” or “symmetrical” approach.

Combine three stems of your foliage into a bundle, ensuring that builder foliage like eucalyptus remains at the back while more delicate foliage like berries adorns the top. You’ll want to create two distinct bundles: the builder, which boasts simplicity, and the focal, which takes a more decorative approach.

To begin bringing your wreath to life, start by securing the first builder bundle to the frame, using one hand to hold it in place and the other to handle the floristry wire. Three secure wraps should do the trick to ensure it’s secure. Then, introduce one of the focal bundles you crafted earlier. 

Repeat these steps around the entire frame, avoiding overlap among your bundles. This careful approach will prevent bulky groups and create a wreath of natural beauty.

If, by chance, you feel that your creation looks too perfect (if such a thing exists!), don’t hesitate to gently adjust some of the stems within their groups to achieve a more natural and wild appearance.

Now, await the compliments that will come your way as you decorate your door or desired space with your autumnal wreath. Take in the essence of the season, knowing that soon, it will be time to embrace the magic of Christmas!


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