23.05.2013 • Exhibitions

Dubai Index And Office Show 2013 Yields Abundant Export Opportunities

TreeLocate is again exhibiting in the Emirates at the Dubai Index and Office Show 2013, which is being held this week.

Reports filtering back from the show suggest that attendance, enquiries, and orders are up on last year, and that further orders related to ongoing negotiations may further boost our export orders book.

This ties in with recent announcements in the House of Commons that the North East region is growing exports faster than any other region in the UK.  In 2012, exports to beyond the EU, from the North East, doubled compared to 2011, and for the same period our region more than doubled exports into the EU.

Of course, we prefer to believe it is the quality of our products and services, and our competitive pricing, that drives both our domestic and overseas sales; the number of repeat customers we have would indicate they think the same way.

Here’s a few photos of our exhibit stand at this year’s show – can you spot the new products?

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