02.04.2013 • Products

Easter Eggs Like You’ve Never Seen Before

At least, that’s what the client told us they were intended as.

In January, we received the spec for over a hundred artificial topiary trees to be designed, built, and delivered to a client’s crew performing the interior landscaping in a major northern shopping centre.

From the outset we had (internally) referred to them variously as “teardrop topiaries”, “topiary conifers”, or just simply “teardrop trees”.  However, as the delivery date drew nearer, our client began referring to them as “Egg topiaries”.  Putting two and two together, to get three and three quarters, it hints at them being used for part of an Easter season project – we’ll know more once we see the on-site photographs of the finished display.

Until then, we thought we’d share with you a photo essay of this large order in production, and remind you to pop back in a few weeks to see the photos of the final installed project.

Hover over any photo for a short description of what’s happening, or click on it for a larger view.

Phase 1 – Polystyrene-core cutting

Phase 2 – Assembly and Coatings Bay

Phase 3 – Applying Topiary Matting

Some of the finished items before shipping and installing


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