27.05.2015 • Products

Faux Rocks Supporting Bespoke Artificial Trees

Our Coatings and Spray Bay team have for some time been producing faux rock-works in support of our customers undertaking bespoke installations for their clients.

Sometimes we get the opportunity to incorporate these products into standalone custom-made trees for customers and exhibitions.  One such example was despatched late last year and received a lot of praise at an overseas exhibition.

Faux Rocks – Examples

The primary advantage of faux rocks is weight.  The rocks shown in the photographs are a couple of ounces (around 100g) each, whereas real stone would be at least 10 kg each.  This makes a major difference to shipping, handling on-site, and in elevated displays.

Another advantage is consistency.  If you have to provide several client sites with identical displays, using faux rocks will ensure accurate replication that cannot be achieved with naturally beach-washed rocks.

Colour also comes in to play here – faux rocks can be finished in any of the natural rock tones, but with consistency of feature highlights etc.

Our production teams like to experiment with their technology, as the photo below of a small artificial water feature shows … all they need is encouragement from our customers in the form of enquiries and orders to show us all what our fabricators can really achieve.

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