02.10.2013 • Products

Gnome From Gnome

When a photo of a small red plastic garden gnome arrived by email, we didn’t expect it to turn into one of the largest bespoke-topiary pieces we’ve created to date.

Standing at 2.7-metres (9-foot) tall, and a width of 1.3-metres (just over 4-foot), “Erik” was designed and built from a multi-piece polystyrene core before coating with sprayed polyurea, then covered in a mix of boxwood and buxus artificial topiary matting.

The large 65cm-diameter Gerbera flower on his hat was custom designed and painted to match the logo of the garden centre chain who were the customer for this project. It required almost a dozen CAD drawings and almost a hundred individually cut polystyrene pieces before coating with a “FlexiCote” hard-skin and painting in the customer’s corporate colour.

Finishing details such as the “cartoon” eyes were planned from pre-production at the customer’s request.

“Erik” has now been delivered safely to his new home in the head office of the customer in Scotland, and received enthusiastic praise from them.  We are looking forward to seeing photos of him in-situ.

The photos show some of the main production milestones and some of the team involved in manufacturing him to a very tight schedule. Hover your mouse over a photo to see the description.

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