10.05.2019 • Announcements, Products

Our New FireSilx Fire Retardant Moss Mat

Fire Retardant Mat – New & Improved!

We first introduced our 1m x 2m artificial moss mat at the 2018 Spring Fair show, and we received a lot of great feedback about it then.

Ever since we included it into our Treelocate catalogue, it has always been popular with our customers, and it’s been great to see some of the creative ways in which the artificial moss mats have been used. Although it’s a great product and has a realistic appearance, it may have not always been suitable for certain installations, especially where fire risk has been an issue. We were often asked by customers if it is fire retardant and the answer has always been no.

Fire Retardant Mat – FireSilx Artificial Moss Material

We’ve listened to your questions and comments, and we’re excited to announce that we now have a new FireSilx flame retardant artificial mat version.

Because this is a FireSilx FR product, it is inherently fire retardant right down to the core. Like the rest of the FireSilx range, we don’t use flame resistant sprays or dips, so there is no need to yearly reproof the material. Our impressive collection of Fire Retardant worldwide FR certificates are available for our customers to download and keep in their records alongside their FireSilx warranty.

Fire Risk Peace Of Mind

You can have the peace of mind that our fire retardant mats have the added safety built into the core of the product by watching our quick video demonstration of our artificial moss mats being tested with a naked flame held against it.

See the mat exposed to a flame in the video below:


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