08.03.2022 • Announcements

Our Plant A Tree Project

Did you know we have been planting a tree for every bespoke order we receive?

TreeLocate has been consciously monitoring ways to protect the environment, large and small. Trees provide protection, homes, and health; therefore, it is crucial to help in any way possible. Planting trees comes with great benefits; it is also a significant step in the right direction to preserve, protect and improve our environment. A single tree equates to 1lbs of carbon; once a new tree gets planted, 1lbs of carbon is sequestered from our atmosphere resulting in our air being cleaner and purer.

In our approach to helping with climate change, we have encountered many unfortunate truths that, unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of. As a result, over 2.5 million acres of trees are lost per year. At TreeLocate, we ensure that all our tree trunks and natural branches are sourced from sustainably managed farms. This means that we aren’t disrupting any trees with a purpose. Instead, we are helping promote new growth, introduce indigenous species, and preserve natural landscapes. Unambiguously, we are giving trees doomed for waste a second chance.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental practices as an integral part of our business strategy and operating method. For example, planting a tree for every bespoke order we receive will result in more oxygen and biodiversity. We aim to minimise our global impact. Although this is only a small change, it creates a massive effect going forward.

Find out more about our sustainability policy here

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