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Product Focus – Driftwood Decorations And Gifts

One of TreeLocate’s lesser-known product ranges is the collection of natural driftwood décor items and gift-ware.

Combining stylish simplicity with rustic charm and some basic theme groups, the driftwood collection has something for every home or office.

Whether you are looking for Christmas or Hanukkah votive candle holders, a feature piece for a bare shelf, or simply the natural warm tones of unfinished wood on a sterile-looking wall.  A weathered wood feature adds a touch of unusual attraction.

Please note that because all the driftwood items are handmade using natural woods, there will always be slight variations in the finished pieces.

Designs illustrated should be viewed only as a guide to the style of each product as no two items of the same design will be identical … but of course, this is also a “unique” selling point.

For the Christmas season, the collection contains a large selection that can be easily personalised with ribbons and seasonal foliage such as holly and mistletoe with berries, or sprigs of cedar and spruce, to provide cheerful colour contrasts.

During December, our large stocks of these “yesteryear” traditional decorations provide an opportunity for garden centres and retailers to refill depleted shelves with something different that will encourage further custom.  They also give smaller outlets a base product for customisation to add value for higher returns.

Christmas Driftwood Decorations – Gallery

(Above : Driftwood Stars, Christmas Trees, and Nativity Set)

(Above : Four variants of Driftwood Angel votive candle holders)

(Above : Four variants of multiple-candle candle holders)

(Above : Driftwood baskets and bowl – ideal for displaying fruit, nuts or sweets)

There are many more items in the driftwood collection and it is highly recommended that you collect our sales team for the full list and pricing, plus stock availability.

Remember, if you want to customise these items with seasonal foliage such as holly and ivy, cedar and spruce, poinsettia, or others … you will find we also stock those in our artificial plants and flowers ranges, and most of them are in our inherently fire retardant product set.

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