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Transforming Restaurants into Enchanting Havens

The Art of Perfect Planting

When you visit a restaurant, you expect more than just the delicious food – the ambience and interior play a crucial role in creating a memorable dining experience. Restaurant owners understand this well, so they invest time and resources into making their spaces comfortable and stylish for their guests to relax in.


At TreeLocate, we’ve been dedicated to delivering perfection in the range of trees, plants and foliage we offer for twenty-five years, catering to the needs of our fabulous customers. We take pride in providing products of the highest quality, ensuring we can cater to every taste and provide the excellence our clients deserve. This commitment has earned us the trust of designers who continue to choose us because our products perfectly fit their briefs.


We understand that time is precious in the fast-paced world of restaurants. That’s why our artificial plants extend a gracious hand, requiring little to no maintenance while offering the luxury of nature’s beauty all year round. Without the need for watering, pruning, or fertilizing, restaurant staff can devote more time to delivering exceptional service to their guests.


We have a solution to meet your needs regardless of your interior theme, from tropical palms to woodland ferns. At TreeLocate, safety is paramount, and we proudly present our FireSilx inherently fire-retardant range of artificial plants, providing worry-free dining spaces. With full certification, restaurant owners can rest assured that their rooms are not only stylish but also secure.


For those embracing al fresco dining and outdoor arrangements, our UVSilx range provides the perfect solution to preserve nature’s beauty against the sun’s damaging rays. Our colourfast artificial plants, trees and foliage will remain vibrant and stunning, maintaining their allure throughout the changing seasons.


By incorporating our artificial plants and greenery, you can create an immersive and aesthetically pleasing environment in your restaurant, guaranteeing quality, safety, and convenience. Enhance the overall dining experience for your guests and let them indulge in the beauty of a worry-free, vibrant, and lush environment. At TreeLocate, we are passionate about helping any setting strive.


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