19.08.2013 • Catalogues

TreeLocate Summer 2013 UVsilx Catalogue Available For Download Now

Following hot on the heels of releasing our main (all products) catalogue and our FIREsilx catalogue for inherently fire retardant products comes our UVsilx Catalogue for Summer 2013.

The UVsilx Catalogue features many new products not previously advertised, as well as our previous products introduced since we launched the range several years ago.  Of particular interest to public space planners will be our growing range of extreme environment foliage and flowers that are proving popular in locations such as the Middle East and Persian Gulf countries – locations where exceptional durability to constant high sunlight is an important factor.

We have also increased the selection of seasonal foliages for temperate and deciduous trees, particularly Maples, in response to demand from customers wishing to follow nature’s seasons by rotating indoor artificial trees in atriums and similar locations.  One advantage of our artificial tree technologies is that we now have the facility to provide multiple identical copies of living trees allowing you to swap out entire trees, reducing the time normally taken to re-foliate a single tree skeleton on-site.

The UVsilx catalogue is available from our Docs & Downloads page in the header menu above.

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