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Where To Buy Artificial Flowers

Time was, you could tell fake plants from real ones at a distance of many feet. In the 25 years we’ve been in business, though, technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and these days you’d be hard pressed to recognise an artificial plant if it stared you right in the face. We’ve all had a sneaky squeeze of a leaf to check if the succulent in the doctor’s office was natural or otherwise, right? And even after that there can still be doubt!

Deciding to buy artificial is no longer a case of picking a plastic rubber plant for your office, or a silk orchids for your desk. The design and construction of plastic plants and silk flowers has become big business, as they offer so many advantages for the domestic as well as the commercial buyer. They never grow too big for their pots, or become root-bound or droopy due to over or under-watering. Leaves and blossoms don’t fade, turn yellow or drop off to litter the floor and there’s no necessity for feeding or watering. They’re perfect for people with allergies to real flora and they’re safe for children and pets. Just like the real thing, artificial plants can advance any interior or exterior design scheme from acceptable to outstanding. In consequence, many suppliers are expanding their product ranges to include manmade plants in their catalogue. But how do you know where to buy the best artificial flowers?

Pick The Experts

For the discerning buyer you’ll find that a specialist firm like TreeLocate is the most cost-effective and reputable choice. We have a select team of experienced experts who will always provide you with friendly and professional service, and are happy to give a quote for any commission, however big or small. We have been the supplier of choice for many years for customers all over the world, and our replica plants are second to none. For us, the beauty of every individual plant or flower is a matter of close observation, meticulous reproduction and construction, and above all, matching the product to the customer’s requirements.

We’re constantly adding to and improving our catalogue. In our web store you can find all sorts of fake plants, trees and flowers, from replica Peonies to Christmas Poinsettia. Next time you stroll through the foyer of a fancy hotel or restaurant, look closely at the trees, plants or flowers that enhance its decor, and see if you can tell they’re not alive!

What makes TreeLocate the top choice in buying artificial plants is our advanced materials, the accuracy of their reproduction from nature, and fine finishing such as hand-painting of individual details. We use only premium grade silk and Grade One plastics in our artificial plant products, and we also offer UV Resistant and Fire Retardant options for greater performance and safety.

Specialist Products

Some fake plants and foliage can suffer from prolonged exposure to sunlight, as the UV rays can cause irreparable colour loss and structural damage. Our UVSilx artificial foliage solves this problem by providing ultraviolet protection, so all our products with this material are resistant to the effects of direct sunlight and extreme heat. You can store or display our UVSilx products outdoors or in high temperature environments, all year round, and their colour-fast foliage will always look great.

If you’re looking to buy artificial plants for an environment where there’s a possibility of fire hazard, then our FireSilx products are the ideal solution for you. All our FR plants have been tested in accordance with worldwide FR standards and strictly quality controlled for utmost safety. We’ve created fireproof foliage using flame-resistant chemicals and materials to manufacture the products, and never use post-manufacture dips or sprays just on the surface.

That means you’ll never need to reproof your plants on a yearly basis, and we guarantee that you’ll find no oily, sticky or greasy surface films. If you’re wondering where to buy your artificial plants, TreeLocate’s FireSilx fire retardant foliage is the ideal solution for your next project.

Where To Buy Artificial Plants

TreeLocate have been in the business for 25 years and we’ve established a worldwide reputation for the manufacture and supply of artificial flowers, trees and foliage. We’ve built this reputation by creating only premium grade products, meticulously copied from nature and offering an incredibly realistic appearance. We have a vast catalogue available from our web store, and we’re the go-to supplier of choice for many architects, landscapers and interior designers around the world. In addition, if you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst our extensive product offering, we can build a bespoke design for you to any style or specification you request.

Our talented artisans can boast years of experience in the field of fake plants, with meticulous technicians and up-to-the-minute machinery that can produce anything from magnificent towering palms to a maintenance-free wall of foliage. We love our business, and we’re dedicated to turning out replica plants that would baffle even the likes of Alan Titchmarsh. So if you’re planning a bold floral display, fancy a few potted palms for your office or designing a large commercial space, take a look at our web store for some amazing and eye-catching faux plant solutions.

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