• Polystyrene star shapes

Polystyrene Shapes, Cut-Outs & Lettering

Designed by us or manufactured with your CAD files, we offer a swift turn around on one-off, or batch produced polystyrene shapes, cut-outs and lettering.

Our simple flat pack kits are a great way to add self-standing seasonal additions to store, product and window displays.

We cut polystyrene letters, words and shapes in various sizes that offer an inexpensive solution to quickly decorate areas and promote products in an incredibly pleasing way.

All the Polystyrene we use is FR rated and can be coated in-house if you require your polystyrene shapes to be more durable, weatherproof or painted.

We will supply for any scale of project, large or small and you will not be disappointed with the level of service or quality of product – GUARANTEED

Custom Polystyrene Shapes

We create highly detailed models using polystyrene. Let our team turn your idea into reality. Using FR grade materials, CNC machines and finishing off by hand we make models suitable for props, displays or advertising. By using appropriate coatings and finishes, we tailor your designs so that whatever the final use, it will look its best while maintaining its durability.

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