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Faux Flowers

Brighten up any dull area, from dim-lit table tops to lavish hotel rooms with our faux flowers. Our extensive range can be enjoyed by everyone in any location. With headquarters in the UK and UAE both stocking the same products, they can be shipped all over the world. Our collection features some of the most unique faux flowers that will compliment anything.

Faux Flowers

Pick From Our Faux Collection

Our impressive range includes everything from hand painted faux roses to delicate faux hydrangeas. Available in a series of colours and sizes ensures that they can be worked into any arrangement or even on their own. With our selection you can create a show stopping display with little effort and still achieving a fabulous outcome.

Faux Flowers

Only The Best Faux Flowers

Our customers deserve the best quality, it is our pleasure to ensure we continue to deliver the finest products possible. All of our products are produced with top-quality silk cloth and grade 1 plastics ensuring a high end product is achieved. Our faux flowers look so great because of the time spent adapting them.


Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t a perfect way of doing this, however, if you do need to give your faux flowers a clean we would suggest using a feather duster and lightly remove any of the dirt. If you notice any unfortunate spots, the bes thing to do is slightly rub the area with a baby wipe. If this doesn’t work a small amount of detergent can be applied using the same technique.

No, we don’t have a minimum order quantity.

We offer a range of faux flowers that are manufactured using a combination of grade “A” materials, usually being silk polyester.

Yes! You can hand pick all of the faux flowers from our fantastic range that you would like to feature in your bouquet. All you have to do is get in touch and we can create the vision you desire.

You should switch to faux flowers as you can enjoy them for way longer! You will be saving a lot of money in the long run, they are maintenance free and they are a much safer alternative if you suffer from allergies.

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