16.05.2023 • Products

What Are The Benefits Of UVSilx?

We have all encountered those tacky, plastic “blue” monstrosities perched beside us in outdoor areas, and I am thrilled to share a breakthrough that promises to combat this unfortunate issue.

Our UVSilx delivers a unique solution that addresses these concerns head-on. By providing ultraviolet protection and resistance to the colour-damaging effects of extreme heat and direct sunlight, UVSilx products offer a reliable answer to our problems. The secret lies in our manufacturing process, which involves using a specially designed UV inhibitor. Our UVSilx products have truly made their mark in external environments worldwide. They have been put to the test and have proven their durability and longevity time and time again. It’s also reassuring to know that these products have undergone repetitive testing and also meet the high standards set by ISO 489-3 and ASTM G154-12a.

Designers and professionals in the industry are responsible for creating spaces that not only look beautiful initially but continue to thrive and maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come. With UVSilx, you can confidently select artificial plants and foliage that will withstand the elements, ensuring your projects remain visually stunning and vibrant, no matter the external conditions. It’s a game-changer for the longevity and sustainability of designs.

It’s not just about the visual aspect. Choosing suitable materials for external installations is also about practicality and peace of mind. With UVSilx, we can have confidence in the resistance to fading, knowing that we provide a stable environment for our clients and users. It’s a win win situation, combining both aesthetics and functionality.

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