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Our Guide to Artificial Green Walls

Artificial green walls can come in all sorts of different colours, shapes, sizes. The options and foliage combinations are endless, and the process of designing your own can be daunting, but TreeLocate makes it easy.

Our green walls add instant beauty to anywhere they are installed. Be it a low light reception that needs cheering up, or an external wall the receives direct sunlight you won’t be disappointed with the results.

It’s essential that you take the time to pick the right green wall as you will be enjoying it for years to come.

In this detailed guide to faux green walls, we will answer all questions you have about the product and offer advice on choosing the ideal choice which will best suit you. We will look at different green wall varieties available and discuss tips on how to cost-effectively install and maintain them while maintaining their lifelike appearance. We will also consider the differences between using artificial plants compared to real ones.

What is an Artificial Green Wall?

An artificial green wall is a collection of panels made up of faux greenery and plants and are perfect for adding a natural splash of colour and exciting decoration to anywhere desired. We use our premium range of replica foliage to make our artificial green walls, resulting in an incredibly realistic replica that is very long lasting yet still very cost effective. Lower cost faux greenery can leave green wall panels looking noticeably fake and always lead to an early replacement, especially if used in public places where they can be easily touched, grabbed and brushed against.

We manufacture our green walls in sections. Making them super easy to transport, handle and install. The panels structure can be any material. However, coated metal is always our choice due to its strength and long life.

Faux green walls have some significant advantages over real plants options. Unlike the living walls, our artificial equivalents are near zero maintenance once installed. No expensive watering and drainage systems are needed. Due to this, our fake green wall panels do not take up as much space, giving you more floor space while adding instant beauty to your wall.

What are they made of?

Cheap artificial plants are usually made from a combination of plastic, paper and silk.

Treelocate’s green walls are made from our high-end faux foliage, fake plants and artificial flowers which are manufactured with premium grade 1 plastics and accurately coloured printed silks. You will find our green wall panels look realistic and natural and always lush and vibrant. Many of our foliage’s are available as part of our FireSilx fire retardant and UVSilx fade resistant range.

Artificial or Real Plants, What’s the Difference?

Artificial has many positives and benefits over real plants, especially if you are planning on displaying these inside rather than out. A few positives are highlighted below:

  • Don’t need sunlight to survive and also don’t cause allergies.
  • As they are artificial, they don’t require the use of fertiliser, and they will never die.
  • Maintenance and ongoing costs are significantly reduced compared to real ones.
  • It is far cheaper to install and look after artificial plants. One of the reasons being that they don’t have to be watered once a day.

Can you get different types of Green Wall?

Artificial green walls can come in various shapes, sizes and even colours. They are sold in individual panels, and you can mix up each panel to suit the design you want, or get an artificial green wall expert, such as TreeLocate, to help design, manufacture and install a bespoke green wall for you.

We can use any foliage that you want. Typically, Ferns, grasses and green leafy products are used, adding subtle colour with faux flowers, which helps bring vibrancy and texture. Simply by scrolling through our online catalogue in the link provided below, you can have a green wall of your choice and finished professionally by our green wall building experts.

Prices of Artificial Green Walls?

Artificial green walls vary in price massively. Our price range goes off a few variables: where the product is being installed, the size of the wall and the choice of foliage used. However, you will find our price extremely competitive when compared to others.

How are the Green Walls Installed?

Usually, artificial green walls are easily installed, however, if you have a big bespoke green wall on order, then it may be a little more challenging to install correctly. At TreeLocate, we have a very friendly and professional installation team who can help.

Can You Easily Move an Artificial Green Wall?

The answer is yes! The foliage we use is fastened very securely to the metal work meaning it is extremely robust and won’t come loose. Due to our handy 1m x 1m panels, you won’t have any trouble relocating the green wall if needed.

How to keep Artificial Green Walls well Maintained

Our top of the range quality green wall isn’t difficult to maintain. We recommend a light dusting now and then, or if kept outside a hosing down once a year. It’s that simple. You won’t believe how easy it.

Further Green Walls uses

Artificial Green walls are perfect for adding colour and interest to any wall. But there are other uses that we have in the past supplied our premium living wall panels for such as, barriers, view blockers, Instagram picture points and point of sale product promotions. There are many uses, and they can even be swapped around seasonally to keep your décor fresh.

If you have any questions about our green walls or need any help choosing the best green wall to suit your requirements, then please get in touch with us today.

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