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Artificial Flowers

Add colour, beauty and decoration into anywhere, from dim-lit corridors to open plan office spaces with our artificial flowers. No matter what your horticulture skills, enjoy brilliant eye-catching displays and year-round blooms in both commercial and private settings with absolutely no maintenance costs.

Artificial Flowers

Pick From Our Collection

You’ll be impressed with our range of artificial flowers. We stock everything from colourful peonies and delicate lavender to fabulous Orchids with “feel real” petals. Our brilliant collection of fake flowers are all available in a variety of colours and different height options. Creating impressive displays requires no effort at all!

Artificial Flowers

Only The Best Artificial Flowers

We take pride in supplying only the very best silk flowers to our customers! Our products are manufactured with premium-grade silk cloth and grade 1 plastics. Many of our products are skillfully finished with hand-painted details, resulting in incredible imitations of the real thing. Our fake flowers look so real because of correct colouring, attention to detail and advanced materials!

Artificial Flowers

We Ship Worldwide

Our customers will attest to the sheer quality of our faux flowers! We have long been the preferred supplier to many interior designers, architects, visual merchandisers, landscapers and set designers around the world! Our replica flowers often end up as part of displays in popular high street window displays and stores as part of seasonal promotions.

Artificial Flowers

Super Fast Dispatch

No matter what you are looking for, be it 200 stemmed Lilies or 1000 zero maintenance Gerberas we have them in stock and ready to ship directly to you or your customer. We are artificial flowers wholesalers and can supply you with what you need at extremely low prices.

Artificial Flowers

Fire Retardant & UV Colourfast

When it comes to fire safety out, FireSilx fire retardant flowers have you covered. Manufactured with inherently FR materials, we ensure our products meet fire regulations. Our official worldwide FR certificates are available on request. Our UVSilx faux flowers won’t fade or discolour even in the harshest sunlight when installed outside.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no right or wrong way to clean faux flowers. But if you do need to, we recommend a light dusting from time to time, or for best results compressed air. If you notice marks on any lighter coloured flowers, a slightly damp cloth with a small amount of detergent takes care of them.

No, we don’t have a minimum order quantity.

Our artificial flowers are made from a mix of grade “A” materials, mainly silk polyester.

Artificial flowers are going to last you a life time, and work out to be a much more cost effective option over real flowers that need to be purchased over and over. Also, artificial flowers are a perfect option for anyone who suffers from allergies that some real flowers can trigger. Unlike real flowers, our artificial options require no maintenance or watering.

Yes we can! Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can create artificial flower displays that will last forever.

There is nothing to stop you putting faux flowers outside, and depending on what you are using them for, you will get a good use out of them. If you are planning on putting artificial flowers outside for long time, you should consider using artificial flowers from our UVSilx colourfast range.

Yes we do. Check out our FireSilx fire retardant range. We have some great FR faux flower options, and we are always adding to the range

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