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Artificial Plants

Our Artificial plants are manufactured to look just like the real thing. You can find our products all over the world installed everywhere from casinos to hotels.

Artificial Plants

A Variety of Choice

Virtually any variety of artificial plants are available, from succulents and grasses to herbs and shrubs. We have an extensive range of man-made fake plants and underplanting available to help recreate almost any environment such as English country gardens, jungle settings, and high sierra deserts.

Artificial Plants

Unreal Faux Plants

All TreeLocate’s plants are incredibly lifelike and indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. Only the best materials are used in manufacture. Premium silk and grade one plastics go in to making the highest quality imitation plants available. Great care is taken to produce one to one replica plants, so you can rest assured both you and your clients will be satisfied with the end results of any project.

Artificial Plants

The Best Suppliers Around

We have been a leading supplier of artificial plants for over 20 years and have worked with many landscapers, architects, designers and visual merchandisers, providing a first-class service. Our faux plants have been installed across the globe and you can find our products featured in many hotels, shopping centres and theme parks worldwide.

Artificial Plants

Stunning & Safe Surroundings

Fire safety is an increasing concern, especially for public installations. Many of our fake plants are available with FR certification as part of our FireSilx range. Our artificial plants are manufactured using inherently fire-retardant materials and are guaranteed for life. We can provide copies of our certificates upon request. UV resistant plants are also available with our UVSilx range. Fully tested, certified and guaranteed not to fade or lose colour in direct sunlight, making them the perfect choice for outdoor use.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is nothing to stop you putting faux plants outside, and depending on what you are using them for, you will get a good use out of them. If you are planning on putting artificial plants outside for long time, you should consider using products from our UVSilx colourfast range.

If you take care with our artificial plants, they will last you a lifetime. If they are located in heavy traffic area where they can be easily touched and grabbed, they should be cleaned periodically to keep them looking their best.

Our web store has a fantastic range of faux plants, made up of different species, heights and styles.

Artificial plants are going to last you a life time, and work out to be a much more cost effective option as there is no maintenance required. Also, artificial plants are a perfect option for anyone who suffers from allergies that some real plants can trigger. Unlike real plants, our artificial options require no watering.

Our artificial plants are top end replicas, and they are difficult to tell apart from the real thing.

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