Our Range

Fibreglass Plant Pots & Planters

We have a comprehensive range (not all shown here) of planters, pots, tubs & troughs available to complement our range of artificial plants. Our available plant pots and planters range comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes from traditional designs to contemporary.

Plant pots & Planters

Modern & Traditional Style Artificial Plant Containers

We are continually striving to improve and expand the range of plant pots and planters on offer to our clients. Our full range is expansive and caters to just about any taste or situation you can imagine.

TreeLocate is at the forefront of artificial plant design, manufacture and supply. Our plant container range is unrivalled throughout the UK and Europe, coupled to a worldwide distribution network we feel you cannot get a more comprehensive or professional service anywhere.

The full range (not shown here) includes:

Roto-Moulded Plastic Pots
Contemporary Design
Ribbed Style
MDF Planters
Coloured Plant Pots & Tubs
Versailles Planters
Elho Plastic Pots
Fibre Glass Pots & Troughs
Small MDF Tubs
Egg Pot Style
Ceylon Plastic Style
Bayon Plastic Planters

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy our pots & planters directly from our web store. We are always adding to the range, so it is worth checking back now and again.

This really depends on what planter you are looking at? We have planters made with all types of materials. Get in touch with the team to find out more regarding a particular product.

Looking For Some Assistance?

Ask our friendly team. If you have any questions about TreeLocate, our products or the services we offer, we are more than happy to help! Simply fill in the enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you.