16.07.2012 • Announcements

50kw Photo-voltaic Array Installed At Treelocate Belford

TreeLocate’s main production and distribution centre took a large step towards carbon neutrality this month (July 2012) with the completed installation of a 50 Kw photo-voltaic solar cell array.

Covering a large proportion of the south facing roof of our largest building, the installation was completed just in time to benefit from the extended summer daylight in the north of England … if the cloud and rain finally eases up.

If not, we are assured that the panels will still collect enough sunlight to generate substantial power output.  We’re also told that the panels will assist in other ways too – shielding the roof in summer to reduce heat build-up transmitted through the roofing materials, and acting as a partial blanket in winter to keep heat inside the building.

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