Our ongoing commitment to maintain and improve our planet

We take sustainability and our environmental impact seriously. As a business we are continually reviewing, changing and improving our practises to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as can be. We have a set goals that will improve our sustainability, however we already have brilliant policies in place.


We recycle and reuse packing wherever we can

Any cardboard that comes into our business that would usually be considered waste is either reused in our packaging or is bailed into bundles using our cardboard bailer. These bundles are supplied to a local company who turns the waste cardboard into shred. This shred is supplied to other companies, offering a sustainable packaging alternative to bubble wrap and polystyrene. Since we have started reusing cardboard boxes where we can, it’s encouraging to see virgin cardboard orders are noticeably reduced.

Sustainably managed woodlands

We only use decommissioned trunks and branches

All of our real trunk bespoke trees feature decommissioned trunks. Managed woodland farms are the perfect way of giving trees a second chance. Older, mature trees limit the growth of younger trees and are cleared to promote new growth. It’s from these trees we get our trunks, preserving their natural beauty and features in the form of a life like replica.
Renewable energy

Heating and powering our building

Our business runs off 100% renewable energy. Our solar panels power our buildings and our biomass boiler heats them. We use timber from BSL0542394-0001 registered suppliers to fuel our burner. This timber has not been deforested.

When in doubt pedal it out

Our cycle to work scheme

We are lucky to be situated on the beautiful Northumberland coastline, and all of our staff live locally. To encourage our staff to cycle into work, we are proud to be part of the bike to work scheme. Cycling to work not only has health benefits, cuts down transport costs, but helps reduce pollution.
Make It Last

Our products are designed for life

Whether it’s a small succulent or a colossal bespoke tree, our products are made to last and are not to intended to be one use items that end up in landfill after a short time. We always choose the very best materials to ensure our products keep their appearance, colour and structure so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
Plant a tree

Giving back to the planet

We are planting a tree for every bespoke order we receive, this means we can give back to the earth with help from you. 1 tree equates to 1lbs of carbon, this is a great opportunity for us to offset emissions.