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Manzanita Branches

TreeLocate is the UK’s largest stockist of Manzanita branches. Manzanita is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to the North American west coast. They grow complex and intricate but strong branches with deep red bark.

Manzanita Branches

TreeLocate Is The UK’s Largest Stockist Of Manzanita Branches

The branches are preserved by kiln drying at a low temperature to prevent cracking. The result is a delicate and unique, decorative wood which is incredibly strong and will last indefinitely.

Manzanita branches are highly prized for their decorative effect and can often be found in elegant displays and featuring at weddings as wishing trees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Manzanita is a natural growing product and it is sometimes difficult to pick a piece that matches what you want exactly. One of the great things about manzanita is how natural it is, each piece is unique.

Yes, the branches can be painted no problem, using standard paints.

Head over to our web store. We do have more branches available, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give our team a call.

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