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Artificial Green Wall

Maintenance free, super realistic and completely customisable, our artificial green wall is a sure-fire way to drastically improve commercial and private spaces. Disguise unsightly walls with panels of lush faux greenery without the expensive installation and space required by real green walls.

Artificial Green Walls

The Best Artificial Green Walls Around

We use only premium quality artificial plants, foliage and greenery to make our custom, zero maintenance living walls. All our faux products can be attached to panels, and our impressive selection lets you tailor the look to your precise requirements. Whatever your design our talented green wall team can fabricate it for you, resulting in a beautiful green wall you won’t believe is artificial.

Artificial Green Walls

Made To Last

We make our bespoke green walls right here at our factory in the UK. We use galvanised steel frames for our panels, ensuring a long life no matter whether installed inside or out, even when exposed to water. Our team have years of experience making fake green walls. They have perfected attaching our replica plants to guarantee they mimic the natural growth and appearance of the real thing. We securely fasten our foliage making sure they can’t be picked or ripped away from the frame, handy if installed in public places.

Artificial Green Wall to keep your guests, customers & business safe

FireSilx Fire Retardant Green Wall

We understand the importance of fire safety, and that is why our artificial green wall panels are only ever manufactured using FireSilx fire retardant foliage. FireSilx Foliage is the only foliage that is building and construction certified, and official FR certification is provided with every order. If you are looking for artificial green walls for commercial and public spaces, you should look no further.

Artificial Green Wall made for exterior installs

UV Colourfast Green Wall

Our artificial green wall is not only suitable for internal installations, we also have external grade options too. Our UVSilx UV colourfast foliage guarantees our green wall panels will last for years to come when installed outside. Our artificial green walls are all over the world, in both the hottest and the coldest climates, still standing the test of time. Because our UVSilx foliage is manufactured with premium colourfast materials, we guarantee our green wall will remain true to colour even when exposed to direct sunlight, or freezing conditions.

Artificial Green Walls

We Do The Hard Work

Tell us your design or specifications and our team will make sure you get exactly what you want. We spend time checking everything looks perfect, often sending you product updates and images to keep you involved along the way. Once the team are happy with the result, we pack up the easy to transport panels and send them on their way. All you need to do is hang them or fix them in place then stand back and enjoy instant, hassle-free greenery on your walls.

Artificial Green Walls

We Don’t Just Do Green Walls

From vibrant moss walls to bespoke flower walls, our team have manufactured them. We love to get involved in different projects and never see anything as too big of a challenge. Give us a call and see how we can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The only difference is that bespoke green walls have been manufactured to your spec, with your choice of foliage and plants. Stock green wall panels come pre-assembled with the same top quality products you get in bespoke panels, but you wont have any control over the mix of products in them. Also the 1m x 1m stock panels options are often a much more effective option.

Yes, our stock panels come on steel mesh backing. It takes seconds to snip this to size using heavy duty wire or bolt cutters.

There is no right or wrong way. We find it best to use the screw and washer method. The screw fixes into the wall, and the washer holds it in place. Some of our green wall panels come with an installation pack, keep a look out for that.

Most of our green wall is part of our UVSilx colourfast range, and has been specially designed for use outside. Keep a look out for the UVSilx “sun” logo in product images, or the term “UV” in product descriptions.

Our FireSilx green wall panels have been tested to meet with multiple FR standards around the world. They are manufactured with FR materials so they are inherently fire retardant right down to the core. Check our the range online.

Yes, absolutely. This is a great way to make the stock green wall panels a little more unique/bespoke, while keeping the costs down. Any foliage, plants or flowers from our range can be added, and our friendly team are happy to offer advice as to how to best secure them to the mesh backing.

Looking For Some Assistance?

Ask our friendly team. If you have any questions about TreeLocate, our products or the services we offer, we are more than happy to help! Simply fill in the enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you.