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Product Focus – Polystyrene Decorations & Point-of-sale

Last minute Christmas shopping happens to us all, including to many businesses.

Luckily, TreeLocate can provide your festive messaging with a range of Christmas cut-out shapes and decorations.   They are available in large and small sizes for decorating your shop floor or windows, showroom, reception, mall or anywhere that customers and the public could see when visiting you.

Shown above = Santa Sleigh (1170x790mm), Reindeer-3 & Reindeer-2 (980x800mm),  Merry Christmas slogan (200x680mm & 200x900mm), and Holly 3 Leaf (290x290mm)

  • Our large-form CADCAM CNC hotwire system handles single piece cuts up to 2.4 x 1.2-metres.
  • Our standard cut-outs use 1.2 x 1.0-metre standard size boards with the cut shapes fitting inside those dimensions.
  • Standard packing carton is 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.6 metres.  Although not heavy, 2-person handling is advised due to their size.

Our standard seasonal cut-outs range all use standard source-board sizes, which means we can charge the same price for all designs fitting within that board size.  What you get for the price is what can be cut within the board size.

  • All standard-size boards are the same price per board regardless of standard shapes cut within them.
  • Packing is 12 boards per “carton” – mixed designs are permitted subject to meeting 12 boards total per carton
  • Shipping costs are at our normal rates.

Large Snowflakes

Single Snowflakes at an average of 990mm diameter (point to point) and 50mm thick.  This year we have three designs prepared with more to come next year.  One large snowflake per standard-size board.


Snowflake Multi-sets

Sheets of mixed size, random design snowflakes, all cut within a 50mm-thick standard board.  Supplied boards are random but varied selection.

Sleigh & Reindeer Sets

An ornate Santa’s Sleigh with up to three reindeer, including a Rudolph option.  Ideal as a shop window background.  Sleigh and reindeer use one standard board each at normal size, but can be rescaled to all fit in one board.

Other designs available from standard list, or made to your requirements.

Available already are a selection of popular shapes such as Ribbon Bows, Stars, Clouds, Smiling and Radiant Suns, Trees, Flowers, Animals, Hearts, and many more for decorations.

We also have available some of the more popular seasonal slogans – Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.

If we don’t have the design already, we can rapidly create it and deploy it into our CADCAM system for cutting and despatch with a minimal delay compared to “off-the-shelf” standard designs.

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