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The Long And The Tall Of Delivering Artificial Trees

Shipping full-size artificial trees is less problematic than you might think, even if sometimes it requires some meticulous measuring.

For the majority of our customers, the topic of shipping their product revolves around, “Can it be here on xyz date?”, or, “How much will the shipping cost?”.  But for a small yet significant group of customers, the lead questions revolve around, “Is it possible to make abc and get it shipped to xyz?” and what such a transport operation involves.  The latter group are mainly landscape installers – both interior and exterior – and come to TreeLocate for the large and small plants and trees they intend using.

With over eighteen years of building and shipping full-size artificial trees under our belts, we have developed a lot of expertise in transporting our many variations of artificial trees.  Frequently we have to create purpose-made pallets and transit cradles in addition to protective wrappings.  We also need to ensure the correct type of vehicle is used, and our hauliers work closely with us to ensure the delivery experience is the most appropriate for the product.

Our logistics team are experts at whittling down full size trees for transporting and re-assembly; here are some photos of them at work – click any photo for a larger view.

(below) Loading 40-foot long artificial palm stems (created with preserved palm boot-husks) for delivery to Morocco – 4 photos

(below) Similar height artificial Washingtonia palm trees installed in Lansdowne House, London, with preserved palm husk artificial stems and preserved foliage canopies.

(below) July 2013 – Heavy duty exterior-grade fully artificial palm tree trunks being loaded for delivery to a UK south coast marina – 3 photos

(below) Artificial Giant Bamboo trees on custom-made frame-pallets ready for wrapping and despatch.

(next below) Fragile-canopy natural-trunk artificial trees wrapped and custom-palleted for transport – one of the many techniques TreeLocate’s logistics team have learned over the years.

(below – upper pair) Newly refitted UK Government international trade offices in London with delivery of artificial trees complete and awaiting final placement in their giant terracotta planters.

(below – lower pair) Wellcome House London with the newly installed avenue of full size artificial ficus trees featuring natural wood trunks – another trouble-free example of delivering artificial trees in volume.

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